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January 31 2003

(SPOILER) BtVS 7x17 'Mothers and Sons' spoilers posted at FilmJerk.

Two characters remember their mothers, one of whom we've never seen before. Seems early for info on episode 17, but they say this info is "airtight."

And it sounds like a heartwrenching episode.

Hmm. It sounds cool, but... but we're getting a supposedly Andrew-centric episode, and with 7x17 being a Wood'n'Spike-centric episode... WHEN are we going to get a SCOOBY centered episode? You know, there's Xander, there's Giles... 7 years invested in a series and they haven't had an episode in bloody ages.

(Don't get me wrong, I like Andrew and I like Spike when he's not slobbering all over Buffy, and who knows, I could like Wood.)
For the moment I refuse to believe that 7x16 is going to be "Andrew-centric," as I cross my fingers and cling to the hope that the guy behind the camera shouldn't be onscreen much at all. That episode has supposedly been in planning for months and gone thru 3 re-writes, so it'd better be worth it.

Willow should be disappearing to LA around 7x17, so that would make a Scooby-centric episode difficult. Ironically enough, I'm counting on the appearance of Faith to bring us back to the Scooby universe, since she's got so many unresolved issues with the core gang and no reason to bond with the stupid SiT's.
I'm of the opinion that they are focusing more on characters that have a high rate chance at present of being brought on board if/when "BtVS" morphs into a new series with a new mission. The Hellmouth will probably not survive the season finale. Spoilers reveal that when Buffy goes back in time, she learns that she's the last Slayer to be there in defense of the Hellmouth. They can work around this theory that Buffy's the last Slayer (as I believe is also revealed in the comic book series FRAY) by saying she's the last Slayer to stand between the Hellmouth and the human race. The season finale will involve closing the Hellmouth in Sunnydale once and for all.

So the new series may not involve the Scoobies as Scoobies. I'm pretty sure Brendon and Marsters will be on board. Hannigan is less of a certainty. Wood and whoever the new Slayer (Kennedy? Rona? Amanda?) will be once Buffy rides off into a sunset, are also possibilities.

Faith may become the focus of the new series, but only if Eliza Dushku signs on, and she's not known for wanting to stay in one place for that long. So there's a very strong chance they may kill Faith off too. Anya will definitely not survive this season. Giles will probably also get written out, since both actors do not want to continue working with the series beyond this season.

The writers obviously see no reason to spend more time exploring the Scooby dynamics. That's what they've been doing for seven years. Scenes like the telepathy thing in Showtime is what we can expect now. the Scooby Dynamic has become something not needing cultivation. The bond between the principles that have been with the series from the beginning have become an important plot element that the writers can count on to be enough to resolve their problems, with a little creativity, again like what we saw in Showtime.

Don't worry guys. Just cuz we're not getting Xandercentric episodes, that doesn't mean he's become less important. Heart, hand, mind and spirit. The Loyal just needs to show up and be himself and that'll be enough.

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