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"Oh my god, it's grotesque! Oh, and there's something in a jar."
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August 22 2005

Serenity LEGO-ized. No, really. This is great stuff.

I just saw this (and was wondering when it would be Whedonesqued)

It is totally cool! I used to play with LEGOs as a kid, used all my allowance on them. But wow, this guy is way obsessed. Good choice with Serenity. ;)

I hope Joss sees this, he'd probably love it.
I love things like this, it makes the fandom for me. Kudos to the guy for doing it.
I love that it lights up. That's really cool.
Wow, that was cool! It amazing how accurate it is.
Holy Cow! That's just sooo amazingly cool! It looks so shiny! Wish I still had my legos... brings back memories...
Did you guys see the wallpaper with Serenity flying over the little Lego horses? Fantastic!
I sooo want one.
Holy crap! This is awesome, Simon. I was never in to Legos, but now I regret it.
I loved the Firefly-lighting effect. :) Oh and the horse-shot was just a hoot! :)
Damn, that really is awesome. Clearly someone should sell them, I'm sure they'd have pleny of buyers.
That is really, really shiny. The lighting effect is very cool. This guy is very dedicated, and the results are impressive.

Imagine if they actually released a Serenity Lego line, like the Star Wars one. You could have all sorts of amazing fun with it.
That needs to be boxed up and put in stores for all of us. I would so buy this.
My 9 year old son, who hardly knows what Serenity looks like because the show is just way too old for him, was ready to put it on his Christmas list the minute he saw the pictures...till I gave him the bad news.

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