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August 22 2005

Buffy a-Go-Go. Along with a bevy of other high-kickin' hotties, the Slayer gets a nod for her hip fashion sense on this website totally dedicated to go go boots.

Quoted from the 'Television' section:
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Albert: "Low or flat heeled black zippered boots seem to be a 'trademark' item for Buffy. In one episode we saw her putting them on. I love the wonderfully casual way she wears them, like they were just sneakers or slippers, as though she's totally unaware of their effect."

At least the first few episodes featured Buffy in brown medium-heeled knee-high boots.

Umm, wonder what that "effect" might be, exactly? ;)

(It doesn't appear that the wicked-cool black boots Cordy wore in "First Impressions" have rated a mention. Poor Miss Chase, beaten out by the Buffster. I guess it's a good thing she's not around to feel the shame...)

The gallery also features several images of SMG from what looks like "Saturday Night Live", one from S1 BtVS, and a couple of her as Daphne in Scooby Doo.

And in a similar vein, The Lipstick Page Forums Fashion Blog has some interesting observations on Buffy's personal style by a new fan who thinks S5 exemplified her taste at its best. (Scroll down page for article.)

I figured posting a second article about Buffy and fashion on the main page might be a little much for one day, but for me the two have always gone together like chocolate and peanut butter. Or should that be Gucci and Cartier? Personally, I never focused on favorite seasons where Buffy was concerned so much as individual outfits. Generally, she looked pretty pulled-together to me all the time, especially for someone who spent most of her free time kicking demon booty (except for that unfortunate, long patchwork skirt from S4, which wasn't the most flattering choice)...

(And actually, I did wonder why the girls didn't trade clothes more often -- especially Tara and Willow, since they shared the same room and probably had a nice clothes-pile going on at some point in their relationship.)
Cool stuff, Wiseblood, I dig off kilter posts. I've often scratched my head a little watching what the girls on BtVS would wear. Maybe it was a whole L.A. thing I don't get.
There are a million reasons to love Buffy, and now we learn a boot fetish is one of them. Still feels slightly disturbing.
Am I the only one slightly disturbed by the amount of time the guy who created this site has put into compiling lists of all famous go-go boot wearers? Quite a little fetish he has. I guess I was immune to the "effect" of Buffy's donning of the boots as well. Oh well... takes all types :-)
Of all the many many things to love about BtVS, I wouldn't put the fashion choices among them. Except, of course, for the occasional outfits that were so bad they just added to the humor. It's been a while since I've checked it out, but I seem to remember the boils and blinding torment site having pretty good snarky fashion reviews. Didn't always agree with them, but they often made me laugh. Their descriptions of the many implausible or downright uncomfortable-looking sex scenes were pretty good as well...
To be honest, acp, I find this obsession not disturbing in the least. (Have you seen some of the other stuff out there on the World Wide Weird?) The guy likes his boots. I kinda like 'em myself. And SMG does wear them well . . .

I never really found the fashion choices in BtVS to be odd, except for the Willow outfits that were clearly going for laughs, the Tara outfits that were a little too frumpy, the Cordelia power outfits that no one could actually get away with wearing at school (well, maybe L.A. is an exception), and a few of Buffy's togs from Seasons Six and especially Seven when she seemed to have lost all fashion sense (perhaps after being exposed to a Viv'estwood demon). And I always found Xander's fashion sense to be much better than his apparent social status might have dictated - although that might say more about my understanding of "fashion" (which is, happily, zero) than about his.
SNT, that was one disturbing link.

I've always been partial to season six fashion, especially Buffy in alot of black and the Willow/Tara ren faire theme from OMWF :)
Some people juggle geese.
SNT, I thought meathead went out when Archie Bunker went off the air. I confess I thought the boot thing was a trifle odd at first, but after seeing those folks with meat on their pates, a boot obssession seems perfectly reasonable.
I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, but..... wow. You're right, a boot fetish now seems pretty darn tame.
IDK, Buffy's fashion sense rocked in season 2. There was just something about that era in fashion, I guess. Overall, there were a few fashion mishaps. Buffy's outfits weren't bad in season seven - they were actually trendy. It's just, well, the "sexy secretary blouse" look wasn't really a Buffyesque thing to wear. Willow dressed a whole lot better than the Buffster that season, IMHO.
"And actually, I did wonder why the girls didn't trade clothes more often -- especially Tara and Willow..."

Well, Tara and Willow really weren't the same size. But, yeah, I can see Buffy/SMG wearing some of Willow/AH's clothes from about S4 onwards and vice versa. On the other hand, that would have been much less fun for the actors and the designers, who enjoy their product placement in the 'young and hip' shows.
On the other hand, that would have been much less fun for the actors and the designers, who enjoy their product placement in the 'young and hip' shows.

Fine, bring logic and marketing into the conversation ;) I'm talking about romance. How many of us -- once-upon-a-time ago, or even nowadays -- have worn a shirt, sweater or jacket that was either a little too small or waaaay too big for us, just because they belonged to our darling crush-of-the-moment/boy/girlfriend?

(C'mon, you know you did, and you know you couldn't resist sniffing it for residual wisps of their scent when you thought nobody was watching, either. Buffy keeping and wearing Angel's jacket in "Teacher's Pet" is a perfect example -- it didn't fit her, but that was sort of the point. It was Angel's, and it could have been huge enough to swallow her but she would have worn it proudly, anyway. How else to make everyone else who didn't have a beau jealous?)

It's undoubtedly true that the girls' lack of clothes-trading had everything to do with that fight for TV space among designers in the RL fashion universe, but it certainly would have been a wonderful touch of realism on the series. Plus, how sweet would it have been to see Willow curled up in one of Tara's sweaters with the sleeves all rolled up? Aww.
Ok, Wiseblood, let's stop the Tara-Willow love or I'll have to close my office door to hide my sniffles...

Actually, AtS S5 is the only Buffyverse season I saw at the time it was first broadcast, and I was completely unaware of the importance of fashion product placement up to this year, when I began reading the Veronica Mars forums on Television Without Pity and saw they had thread upon thread about where to buy VM's clothes.

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