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August 22 2005

Serenity - "Sheer, joyful entertainment". A short but very positive review from The Telegraph (UK). (Not Safe For Work pic on this page).

The reveiwer thinks that Serenity 'deserves to be a huge hit when it's released next month.'

I've added Serenity to the subject just so people know what the review is of. Tonight's the gala premiere in Edinburgh. Will probably do a thread sometime tonight and hopefully posters who were going to it will post about what it was like.
This is excellent! Here we go...
I've seen a pre-screening and know how good this movie is. I am just praying that the rest of the world (of non-browncoats) will give it chance.
Whoa...that's very big, if not quite huge...but the momentum continues to build...I saw the 2 screenings in DC and totally concur with MySerenity.
Now that is a great review. It pretty much nails the fact that the movie is great, nerve-shaking, Hollywood-style entertainment done with intelligence and emotion. I pretty much think people are sick of big and brainless action thrillers that deliver on the dumb and explosion-y. Serenity absolutely delivers and deserves to succeed.

It also piqued my interest in MirrorMask, so it's all good.
Very exciting!

I also saw the pre-screening (Phoenix), but there was no schwag left and no BDHs at ours. You guys are getting the red carpet! I think that's so terrific, you all are in for such an amazing evening! We want details, please!!
Woohoo, very nice to see the broadsheets getting behind Serenity. What we really need is the tabloids though as sadly they have a much larger readership and a readership that is probably more likely to go to the cinema.
Oh I'm thrilled, I'm still hoping that the Foreign Press will be nominating 'Serenity' for some Golden Globes (which always raises the stakes with the press in the USA). It sounds like our BDM is getting the kind of reception that we were hoping for!
First the Sunday Times and now the Telegraph - this is great. Wish I were going to Edinburgh tonight with all my browncoat mates, they are going to have a blast.

Perhaps the tabloids will enjoy the action aspect of Serenity Paul_Rocks, and 'sell' the movie to it's readership on that alone. I hope so.
Great review...I agree, they nailed it! the person posting the article, "thank you for the scenery as well"!!
Calledon - you're most welcome (took me a while to realise what you meant). Perhaps we should buy her a whedonesque T shirt!
Ohhhhhhhh, I get it now. Boy, that took me a while.
Perhaps a NSFW picture tag is needed for this, hm?
Actually, while I think she should have a Whedonesque T shirt, I'm fine with her simply carrying it for now!
NSFW bit added. I dunno if it's a good or a bad thing that I scrolled down to read the review and completely missed the pic the first time I clicked on the link.
I think you are ok, Simon. Others will probably disagree, but I thought it was kind of androgynous looking, myself. I started to scroll past it, then went back because it looked kind of odd and I wasn't sure whether it was a woman at first glance. Then I promptly forgot about it, leading to my confusion at Calledon's comment, and my continuing conclusion that I am indeed, straight. ;-)
The pic makes me wonder: if Firefly had aired on HBO, would Joss have opted for nudity or not? Anyone have a notion? I guess if he had, NSFW could be redefined as Nude, Sexy Firefly Women. Love the review.
If Firefly had aired on HBO, we would have gotten to see more of Mal! FFF = full frontal Firefly
Humm, "wasn't sure whether it was a woman"...I feel much better about my powers of observation now, maybe I'm not that old yet?!
Lol. Well it was a quick glance as it went speeding by in my haste to get to the word "Serenity" at the bottom of the article. Once I went back and looked, it was obvious even to me, that she was female. ;-)

That said, thinking about it, I suppose an intriguing argument could be made that I am not all that used to seeing nude women from that angle since I don't have a mirror on the ceiling above my bed and most other women I see nude are in movies or changing their clothes in a locker room. I wonder if there are angles of nude men that would look odd to straight men for the same reason. Just a thought. (Looks innocent and walks away whistling.)
Holy crap! Joss just got compared to Howard Hawks! Sweet!

[ edited by bobothebrave on 2005-08-22 22:39 ]
If Firefly had aired on HBO, we would have gotten to see more of Mal! FFF = full frontal Firefly

Not to mention Inara and the Counselor.

Um, I'll be in my bunk...
Having just read the review in Variety, this one leaves me with a warm fuzzy feeling to end the day. The reviewer not only "got" the movie, but enjoyed it.

And I'm with newcj, I scrolled past the picture, looked to see what it had to do with Serenity and continued on to the important parts of the article :)

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