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August 22 2005 threads now come wearable. Better late than never, a range of Cafepress t-shirts (and mugs) printed with a (new) Whedonesque logo.

For those who want black t-shirts, I will probably be making artwork available so you can have your own printed at your local shop.


I love that logo.
Heh, great tagline! I so love this. Been a long time coming, and thanks for the heads up about the black shirts. Definitely must have one of those too. Will you be using the site logo art for that?
No, Willowy, I think I'll stick with this new one.
What's with the 06 markings on two of the womens' shirts?
there's an 05 on one too. I thought that maybe it was for the year? (like 2005, 2006)
Yay for black t-shirts. Not worn a white t-shirt in a good many years, nor yellow or green for that matter.
I think the new logo seems a bit Star Trek-ian (though I do like it). I've always been so taken with the site logo. I think it's perfect.

However, change is good!
What's with the 06 markings on two of the womens' shirts?

Maybe it's an homage to the numbers on shirts thing in s6 of Buffy ;)
2005, 2006. Some of this stuff looks so 'sporty' to me, I had to include numbers.
I LIKE the numbers. and, I also REALLY like the different taglines. Lots of choices are good. I want the ringer tee! I also want to be rich.

(And Caroline, for you, I've used capitalization. Being able to post here is worth the extra effort. Thank you for your work so I can play here.)
*Laughs*. Thanks for making the effort, leenah.
Great stuff, but count me as another vote for black t-shirts. After all, black is the new black.
Wow, coolness. I'm definitely going to have to buy one of these as well as a Blue Sun t-shirt.

Well done, all those involved.
That is very cool, Caroline! I have something new to add to my Christmas list! :)
Ladies, these great shirts would look nifty with the go-go boots four threads down. Just sayin'.
Would love to see some of the suggestions on Flickr on a t-shirt. I've always wanted a 'five by five'. Now I want all of them!
Yes, I'll take up some of the suggestions on Flickr .
Can I add another? I think life wouldn't be worth living without a Whedonesque: Ben is Glory? t-shirt.
(Tiny voice) I like the logo from the site...
Was also hoping to see both logos make an appearance, and I, too, want to voice my support for 'Ben is Glory?' :) When I first saw the title Caroline used I thought - 'I'll be able to WEAR 'the love thread'(tm)?'

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-08-22 21:34 ]
(whispering) Me too zz9, though these are nice.

If one said "Ben is Glory?" should it say "...and Glory is Ben!" on the back?
or maybe 'Wait! What now? Who is...?'
What about one with "cavemen" on the front, and "astronauts" on the back?
Ahch! Sooo many fun ways to use our favorite quote/situations/punchlines!

Btw... where, if someone would be so kind as to point me in the right direction, is the thread with the Ben is Glory hilarity?
angellove, I assume you mean this thread?
For those who want black t-shirts, some artwork available here:

I totally missed that Ben is Glory thread. It's like it didn't exist.

I think I was off somewhere to see U2.

Bono is Glory? Ah.
Those are great, Caroline. I particularly like "We capitalise."
Most excellent, Caroline ;) Bono is Glory?!?! For heaven's sakes, C, spoiler tags, **PLEASE**!!! The Edge is made of chocolate?!

[ edited by zeitgeist on 2005-08-22 23:43 ]
ah yes. The Ben is Glory thread did seem to go on forever :) Thanks for the new designs Caroline. Can't wait to put in my order!
And Larry's made of wood!
Does that mean Adam weighs the same as a duck? Or am I totally off here ;)
Hmm... Well, I reckon I'll be going the artwork route or sticking with DIY, since I don't do white ... or yellow ... or pastel pink.

*whispers* I don't want to seem ungrateful... The new logo is nice and has that kind of sleek, SF-y feel, but I have to admit I long for something darker, with the current logo. Has it not been used for any particular reason?

Thanks for getting these out there. They do look great, and the opportunity to puzzle (and enlighten) the uninitiated, despite my usual color preferences, is very tempting indeed. [Edit: The DL 'pain' one, so true, it makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. Inspired!]

[ edited by Wiseblood on 2005-08-23 07:58 ]
Prezzies! Just what I needed. You are very, very wise. Now gimme, gimme, gimme!

I have been lookin' for something like this over at Cafepress for a while. Now I can wear my favorite obsession across my chest for all to SEE and PONDER (um, the shirt not the chest.)

And although I'll gladly take what I can get, I concur with Wiseblood. I kinda like the current logo too.
'Course we're going to demand physical evidence of you guys wearing them!
Just got email confirmation of my order shipped. Will happily post a photo of me wearing my shiny new WHEDONESQUE shirts on the flickr as soon as I get them! And holding the frickin MUG too!

Oh, yeah baby!

(Still craving a site logoshirt, too! Love you, Caroline! Can you make it happen?)

Caroline: best webmaster in the 'verse.
Reluctant to, Willowy, but I'll see what I can whip up, re: current logo.
OK, here is a Cafepress shop of t-shirts with the old logo.

Or for black t-shirts:

download old logo
What's with the 06 markings on two of the womens' shirts?

1) You put the shirts on.
2) You go home.
3) Overnight, you're gassed unconscious, and you wake up in a mysterious island village.

(Not the island Hurley is on. A much better one.)
Just came back to check... and lo and behold logo-y goodness.
Caroline, much thanks!
I wish Cafe Press sold women's plus sizes above 2x. Once again, I'm left out of the club. :(
If you want to have your own made, just ask me for whatever artwork you want on it.
... with the old logo.

Me is happy now. Thanks, Caroline :)
Caroline, many thanks for all the designs. Can't wait to get mine.

[ edited by MySerenity on 2005-09-02 02:59 ]
I'm wearing my tank now, and it's very comfortable!
Oh god Caroline, I think you broke me.

"We capitalise."

You made me cry, you evil thing.

You're good.
woah all of the shirts rock!

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