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August 22 2005

(SPOILER) "I got to fulfill a fantasy". Local newspaper profile of Montgomery, AL actor Glenn Howerton includes a brief (but spoilery) description of his minor part in Serenity.

From the article: Still, the movie role Howerton is most excited about is the much smaller role in "Serenity," which is set for release Sept. 30, according to the movie's Web site.

No huge spoilers, but the scene description does describe specifically what happens with the character.

Update: The consensus among those who have seen Serenity is that the scene description is inaccurate in one or more ways.

Though ironically there is an error in the spoilery part.

Still, interesting read.
Though ironically there is an error in the spoilery part.

I wouldn't know, actually...but I figured any description that specific would qualify even if it was wrong. ;-)
Yeah, it's a bit spoilery. COOL though, I didn't know it was him. IASIP is currently my favorite show. Everybody should watch.
Yeah, tehipite, I would agree that it is minor spoilery, error or not. I'm just nit-picking anyway. ;-)
Nice to hear about his new FX show. It seems to have some things in common with "Arrested Development" in terms of the documentary style and the parodic intent. Makes me want to check it out!

And yes, there is an error in the spoilery part. Oh well.
I also don't think that getting it completely wrong actually qualifies as a spoiler, and I didn't know that was him (it makes me want to watch 'Serenity' again all the more).
Not a spoiler, just a clarification error within the spoiler.

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It really is a very funny show.......don't cancel this show FX.
A tiny bit spoilery, but also inaccurate, if memory serves.
I really don't care that it's inaccurate. That's getting a bit too anal for me! ;-)

But I find this to be cool! I love IASIP, but didn't make the connection. When I see "Serenity" again, I'll appreciate that scene even more!
Well the biggest error for me (and maybe this is what most of you are getting at) is that
That's the biggest one, indeed, SNT. But also, and .
Yes SNT, that and what chickenbird said. (Beat me to it.) Now that I look at it, pretty much everything in the sentence has something wrong with it...and yet anyone who has seen it knows exactly what moment they are referring to.

It could be that the actor really has no idea of the finer points of what is going on in the scene since that was all he was in and probably did not need a full explanation. It could be an acurate description of his impression of the scene. Lots of actors who have tiny parts in movies go to the movie when it opens to find out how their scene fits into the movie and what it was all really about. On Woody Allen movies sometimes actors with really big parts are in that situation...or used to be anyway.
chickenbird, you're right,
It could be that the actor really has no idea of the finer points of what is going on in the scene.

Sometimes the audience has no idea either. Particularly whilst watching 'Girl With A Pearl Earring'.
*giggle* You guys are funny.
I want so badly to correct a couple things but ya'll think its spoilery

leaves one to wonder for " minor" characters--what are they told about their scene

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