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August 22 2005

Tonight - The World Gala Premiere of Serenity. It was over two and half years ago that Firefly got cancelled. Who could have imagined back then that a movie of the show would be made? And look at Joss and the cast now. Big Damn Heroes. This is your day, congratulations.

Hopefully, we'll get some posters who were going to the premiere posting here afterwards.

Two errors in the article: first, it gets the chronology wrong (making it sound like Sci-Fi bought broadcast rights before Serenity was greenlighted); second, 'Black Sun'. Otherwise, a very nice blurb.
I wish I could have made my way across the pond to be a part of it! Have a great time for all of you who get to see it! :)
Congratulations to Joss. Mate, you made it happen when the gatekeepers weren't interested. Congrats man.
Congratulations indeed!
I hope you guys enjoy the movie(why wouldn't you?).
Personally, I can't wait for the Jayne/Wesley haiku series. Floating down the Seine, Joss? Tell me the date and time, and I'll fly to Paris and bring my binoculars...
Is this just a one time screening, or like will it be playing regularly there now?
Odysseus -- it will be screening four times at the festival, then not again until the UK premiere date (October 7th).

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so sad to read about how upset everyone was when the show was first cancelled. I unfortunately had just watched my first episode of buffy right after the show got cancelled and never got to campaign for it's revival. I found Firefly (or rather, it found me) last August. Not so dire for me to wait just a year, however at the time the release date was still April 22nd. When the date was changed I thought, September will never arrive! Very happy for all seeing it tonight. Can't wait :)
I came in late as well, but I am finding myself getting a little misty-eyed thinking about this Premiere. Congratulations to Joss and to all of the fans who supported him and made this possible.

(Pardon this tear.)
Does anybody have any info on where/when the US premier is gonna be? I know there's a press screeing here in LA tomorrow, but any word on an official premier here yet?
Did anyone ask Summer about this?
BTW, someone really ought to add a SPOILER tag to this item.
I was just re-watching that Inside Look video, they're showing in some theaters, it still bring tears to my eyes.

The movie is finished, now we have bring as many people to watch it as possible, and hopefully, they'll learn to love it as much as we do.

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Congrats to Joss on this great triumph! He's going to be the toast of Europe and Australia among sci-fi fans this week, and in the U-S next month, too.
Oh, and we shouldn't forget the press screening tomorrow at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood
Edited to say, theonetruebix noted a spoiler, I added a spoiler tag . . . *skiptotheend* - anyway, this comment has now been made redundant by Simon's change below. It is an ex-comment.
I just noticed that particular comment and changed the URL (to something a bit more bland but hey we all know how important this day is) and then took off the spoiler that SoddingNancyTribe put up.

Btw I've vowed to be at the world premiere for Serenity 2. I reckon we should all start saving now.
I'd love to be at the world premiere for Serenity 2 but since I did everything I could to be there today and just couldn't get tickets I'm not gonna hold my breath :) Oh well, only 2 days to wait now.
There is a press screening tomorrow in LA?!?!

All, right! Hang on, the ride really is about to start. :-O
Odysseus -- it will be screening four times at the festival, then not again until the UK premiere date (October 7th).

There are 4 other UK screenings on the 24th in Birmingham, London, Dublin and Manchester - all sold out now of course.
Dublin is not a UK screening
So it started at 9:30 pm and now it is almost 1 in the morning in Edinburgh? (tapping foot) Do they all think they are there just to have a good time and take every opportunity to have a full and memorable evening...or a decent night's sleep? If so, who gave them that idea? They are supposed to be running home to their computers to tell us all about it and post pictures, and (ooooo) videos!

Ok, so I really just hope it is going well and everyone is having a great time. They'll report when they can. (sigh)
So it started at 9:30 pm and now it is almost 1 in the morning in Edinburgh? (tapping foot)

Impatient, much?

Yeah, same here.
All I can think is our reps in Edinburgh must be having a really, really, really good time, celebrating in the streets and being interviewed by all the media and everyone asking the question: How did I miss this show? (TV, that is.)

The only excuse for not posting by now (tap, tap, tap . . .) is that folks are working on their third pints!
They're all too busy hoisting Joss and the BDHs up on their collective shoulders, and dancing in the streets! I imagine we'll get some pretty shitfaced posts here soon enough!

I can't wait! *Joins the chorus of foot taps*
Ok... it's 10pm at my side of the planet right now. I'm going to sleep in another couple hours (well before, I make a hole on the ground, with too much walking in circles).
So I hope to see many new posts when I wake up in the morning, I want to know what happenned, the highlights, pics (as many as possible), videos.
Sighing heavily. Looking at my watch. Hitting the refresh. Trying to figure out what time it is over 'there' (Lemme do the math...)

Inquiring flans wanna KNOW!!

Think I'm gonna start on that cunning hat while I wait for the reports to roll in.
Maybe this will help.

tap, tap, tap, tap, tap
Thanks, newcj!

Hey, somebody grab Craig Oxbrow, quick! He's over there.

D'ya think we need a couple of different threads (spoiler-FULL and spoiler-FREE) to entice the undecided to report?
Okay. Here goes!

NumfarPTB said that discussion goes here, so here goes.

And also asked: How was the screening? Who was really there? Did Joss made a speech? How about the rest of the crew? Q&A session?

Not having had a notebook with me, all this is from memory and I'm hoping someone else can do a full transcript.

How was the screening?
The screening was huge. 550 seats all filled up. And people out doing the screaming-and-getting-autographs thing at the red carpet (which is all I expected to be doing too, but one of the right nice Browncoats heard from a friend who was expecting to get there but didn't - yes, I got the golden ticket).

Who was really there?
Joss, producer Christopher Buchanan, Nathan, Morena, Summer, Jewel, Adam, Sean, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

Did Joss made a speech? How about the rest of the crew?
Mr. W. had much to say before and after - his pre-screening speech was mostly reacting to the standing ovation.

"Well, I hope after the film you're as happy as you are now. If not, take some more of what you just had. Because otherwise we'd have to judge the film on its own merits - and nobody wants that..." He also brought the rest of the crew up and there was more cheering and applause and standing up...

Q&A session?
Many questions were answered, a number of them monumentally spoilery, and hopefully someone smarter than me got them all down...

And as to newcj's question: Yes, Nathan Fillion did the Dance of Joy...

A question for Joss: When Firefly was cancelled you must have been davastated... Are you now ready to do the Dance of Joy?
Joss: I never thought I would find a reason to say this, but... thank God for knee surgery. I had surgery done like twenty days ago and I genuinely cannot dance. I also cannot do what I otherwise would have done, which would be to run and hide. But I am doing the Dance of Joy inside. My heart - my pancreas is doing the Dance of Joy. But I am not. Now, if anyone else wants to?
(Shouts) Nathan!
Nathan: I am nobody's monkey boy.
Joss: (mock-threateningly) Do the dance.

Nathan looks at him in silence for a moment - and does the dance.
Nathan does the dance of joy. That was precious, Craig, thank you. I look forward to any and all reports that may be forthcoming.
Oh man!!! Thanx for that Craig, I re-posted it on the SenOz site (hope ya don't mind). Wow so wish I was there. It must have been incredible to see it with them all in the cinema! Yay I get to see it again in another week!
Do we know if this on tape?
Y'all are right welcome.

More, and more coherent, hopefully to follow.
Thanks a bunch Craig! That was powerful shiny.

Now, Gossi, our inside man inside, do we have a rolling record of this world premiere?
Thank you, Craig! Great report...gee, didn't I say that already? Shame on me.
Why is everyone so silent? It's so "itchy" waiting for info!

Give, guys! ( Gang...girls...whoever! Where's the scoop?)
Just checked that old cancellation thread. Jeez, there weren't a lot of people posting in it, but mods, weren't there?
I blame the fact that the Q&A ended at 1am and then there was the drinking and the partying and the proclaiming that they can't take the sky from us.

But anyway, here's a wee bit more.

Questioner: We missed the theme. Could we get a quick burst of it?
Adam: Only if you start it!
Questioner: Uh... okay... uh...
Joss: It starts with the word "take".

And he manages to start (no pressure, eh?) and the crowd start a-singing.

Joss, afterwards: I'd just like to remind everyone that this is a Q&A, not a variety show, so we will be ignoring any more requests for singing, dancing... making out...

And another, since I asked this question myself.

Me: How does it feel to be an action figure?
Nathan: Oh, it is cool.
Adam: It feels good.
Someone else: Are they anatomically correct?
Oh – the joy of time zones! Edinburgh is 1 or 2 hours behind the CET time shown on this site.

Posts on the Browncoats board show that someone has put up some
, and in a non spoiler thread there are various accounts including one from Craig O - similar to posted earlier (but not the one just above) and one from Gossi who says

“Me, DoubleShiny and our trusty camera guy filmed the entire cast Q&A at the end. I'll get footage online soon! We also filmed the red carpet, and interviewed the entire cast. We also filmed the entire press conference earlier in the day. And we're filming the Joss Whedon interview tonight.”

The last of the current posts in that same thread also has photos.

ETA: If it seems odd to be reporting on another board it's for the benefit of those afraid of spoilers. I was very wary of the Sereinty official board till seeing the July advance screening in Melbourne as I'd encountered some horrible spoilers (not all of which were true). The thread referred to above was fine as of time of posting!

ETA (again) Oops! there's now more about this inthe other thread!

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Craig - saw your post just as I was previewing mine above. That last exchange you describe is just priceless.

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