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August 22 2005

Morena Baccarin attended the "40 Year Old Virgin" premiere. She is looking as beautiful as ever. On a sidenote, the 2nd Serenity trailer was played with 40YOV this weekend.

She really is luminous.

I can't wait to see red carpet photos from Edinburgh! That will be very exciting.
I have a thing for brown eyed beauties... *sigh* :)
So, I was dragged (drug?) to this movie this weekend... matinee thankfully! Anyway, my $6.00 was totally worth it when the international trailer hit the screen!!! And, I've seen the BDM! And I was still pumped!!! YAY YAY YAY!!
Has anyone seen the trailer in NYC? I've yet to see either of them, despite attending several movies they were supposed to be paired with.
Due to a family connection, my parents went to the premiere and party of 40YOV and my dad saw Morena, and heard rumors that Nathan might have been there, but never found him. I guess because of they were both made by Universal? Dave Krumholtz (Mr. Universe) was also there, probably because he made memorable guest appearances of both Judd Apatow shows, Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

Saw the Serenity trailer for the first time on the big screen with the movie here in northern California, as well. Poor boyfriend got squeezed to death with my ensuing glee.
Serenity premiere, new Whedonesque tees, and the return of randygiles after, what, a year's absence, all in one day? Truly an auspicious date! :)
It was attached, right? Some idiot next to me (I'm pretty sure we was drunk) said after the trailer that it looked "just like Star Wars." I MAY have been the only person applauding after it was over. And of course I was most likely the only one squeaking with joy when it began.
A friend of mine went to see 40 Yr Old.... in NYC and she saw the Serenity trailer too. The trailer paired with this movie is a really good thing since millions went to see the movie this past weekend and now have gotten a good look peak at Serenity.
TheZeppo, my mom had a similiar experience when she saw this movie. Hopefully, once the movie comes out and everyone gives it great reviews, those people will give it a chance and see how wrong they were.

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