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August 22 2005

Emma Caulfield in new Spielberg Film "Munich" ...but, not a lot of additional information about the film or the role as this project has a lot of secrecy and controversy surrounding it already.

This is Speilberg's pic about the birth of modern-day terrorism, aka the Palestinian attacks on the Israeli athletes at the 1972 Munich Olympics. My guess is that our Anyanka will be playing one of the doomed athletes.
As a source, I have always found imdb to be pretty unreliable with casting information as users post rumored cast on some movies (Stephanie Romanov was once attached to Cruel Intentions 3, but then taken off. Same with Samuel L. Jackson guesting on Lost, etc.).

However, if this is true, then congratulations to Emma! It's so good to know that these wonderful actors are getting high-profile work.
I hope not. I don't want to see her die again. :(
I'd watch anything with Emma in it.

Well... not 90210. Or Darkness Falls.

.. I wish Bandwagon was on DVD.
When was this filmed? She filmed something in Malta this year.
"I wish Bandwagon was on DVD."

me too!!! been waiting *forever* to see that. :(
The doomed athletes were all male. The film seems like it focuses more on the ensuing operations by Israel against those responsible than the incident itself, so Emma might be playing a Mossad agent. Or really just about anybody.
She can do the Aud accent.
KernelM is right, I think; my understanding of this film is that it's about the Israeli counterstrike, and there is some controversy about that. Worries seem to be that Spielberg may be critical of Mossad in particular and Israel in general:,12589,1522400,00.html
Spielberg shot scenes at the Maltesian airport in Valletta. So it's probably true.
I will watch anything Emma is in, including 90210...I have shame :)
I hope it's true, as I'm a huge Emma fan, but the other film she's listed as working on, Godspeed, is also listed as filming in Malta, and there was an online report a month or so ago that it had just started filming. How likely is it to be cast in two films lensing at the same time, both in Malta?
If true, this is great news. I love Emma and this would be great exposure for her. I'll look forward to it with interest.
Wow, this'll be terrific if it's true. I've been really interested in this film it's definitely controversial, but it addresses some fascinating issues, and I'm curious to see what Spielberg does with it. Because of how sensitive the material is, I know he's spent a lot of time working with different writers and reworking some of the material, and has some really talented people on it. If I remember correctly, he had Tony Kushner (a great playwright Angels in America, Homebody Kabul) rework the original script, and it's been a dream project of Spielberg's for a while. While the production schedule seems *incredibly* rushed they're just now filming, I think, and it's supposed to come out before Jan 1 to be in Oscar contention it's one of the films I'm most excited about.

If Emma's attached, so much the better, and great exposure for her....
I was looking forward to this movie, but I hope this to be true to look forward even more :p
Seriously, if she gets an important role, this could be huge for her career.

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Imagine how exciting this is to an Israeli like me.

Some of the best Israeli actors and actresses are on that film, and now Emma! I love it!
Of the other actors listed on imdb, Ayelet Zorer has all the attributes JW usually likes in his heroines - the ability to be funny and heartbreaking in the same scene and it doesn't hurt that she's also very pretty.

Spielberg has always been a committed Zionist, even if he is more liberal than T(Israeli)PTB would sometimes like, so I don't really think that this movie will be that controversial. Sure it's a sensitive topic, but so is the Holocaust and WWII and most people semed ok with 'Schindler's List' (I thought it was terribly sentimental and manipulative) and 'Saving Private Ryan'.
The film has been getting heat from right for two reasons -- first, Tony Kushner is an outspoken progressive type whom the "Israel can do wrong" types undoubtedly detest. Second, EVERYONE in Hollywood is currently suspect by the conservative chattering classes. Witness the mock-controversy surrounding "Million Dollar Baby". The fact that it was made by a Republican icon and even had had evil welfare cheats was not enough to protect it from the likes of Michael Medved and others.

Since Emma's a Republican herself, it'll be interesting to hear what she has to say.

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Bobster: I assume you mean "Israel can do NO wrong" types?
Most of the controversy I've seen has been from conservatives worried that because the film focuses on the Israeli backlash to the terrorists rather than on the wrongs committed by the terrorists that it will be too pro-Palestinian. Given that, as WWBD says, Spielberg is a supporter of Israel, I think that's fairly unfounded, but it's obviously such a contentious issue, with sides that often can't hear the reason through the bombastic ideology, that even a fairly moderate approach will probably take flak from both sides for not promoting whichever agenda they advocate.

It'll be interesting to see if Spielberg (and Kushner) can navigate around that. And yes, as you say, it'll be interesting to hear Emma's views since she's so openly Republican.
I agree about Ayelet Zorer, WWBD. She is an amazing actress, very beautiful, and she can turn on the hurt - make you identify with her completely.
Where did you get the information that Emma is a Republican? Just curious!

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