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August 23 2005

(SPOILER) Charisma Carpenter 'Veronica Mars' promo pics. This episode should air September 28th.

Look at that hair! Gorgeous!
Absolutely divine!
Hair? Oh. Yes, that too.
I'm so glad Charisma went back to the long curly hair. She looks so much better (and younger).
Wow so long and pretty and yummy and, oh yeah her hair is good too.
And the guy in lounge chair has a pillow on his lap.
I will never tire of seeing Charisma with little or no clothes, she is absolutely gorgeous! I hope she gets the opportunity to show her considerable acting skills however...I've seen more than one description of her that raves about her sex-appeal and beauty but questions her acting skills. In one write-up the person stated that "it's difficult to know if she can act cause her experience includes only "B" television"...obviously, I had a strong reaction to that, but I'm concerned that she may be dismissed as more of a prop than an actress. When given the opportunity to "carry" an episode of "Charmed", she was absolutely great, but again...they dressed her in a way that few folks remember her lines. Charisma would be perfect as Wonder Woman but somehow, I suspect many "studio-head types" will doubt her ability to be the star...
"Season 2 begins with Urine Trouble"?

They meant You're in Ttrouble...damn SpellChecker.
"Season 2 begins with Urine Trouble"?


It's the episode where Kieth Mars has to pass a Kidney Stone...

... ;)

Back OT. Now thats what I call a promo pic.
Of course her body is always beautiful, as is her face, and from everything I've read, her personality too - I just have been watching Season 2 of Angel lately and thus really missed the pretty hair.
The titles are usually a play on words or well known phrases etc. Like one episode called Kane and Abel, because of the Kanes and Abel Koontz (sp?). So it is likely that that will be a correct title. Although I don't know for sure as I'm staying totally spoiler-free again for this wonderful show.

CC looks amazing.
I assumed they borrowed it from the title of the Broadway musical of a few years ago "Urine Town." John Cullum isn't going to guest star in it is he? (If not, never mind.)
Charisma's acting chops definitely increased through her years on ANGEL.

Always thought her hair looks best long and with its natural texture and she's a knockout in that picture. Or out of it.

I've never watched CHARMED except for one Charisma episode. How many episodes of CHARMED was she in?
She was in three episodes but really two were brief segments, basically her in a sexy outfit flirting with Leo, the third (last) episode featured her throughout and she was stunning!
Yow. Za.

Looking forward to seeing how CC fits into the Veronica-verse. I do sorta wish the role was more of a stretch for her -- rich bitca being somewhat of a well-trodden path -- but I'm sure she'll acquit herself marvelously with whatever plays out. And going from AtS to VM with only a brief pit-stop at Charmed? Pretty decent career path so far.
Wow. I love her so much...she seems like she would be just so nice.

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