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August 23 2005

Joss Talks Serenity on Sunday Morning Shootout. Very short, scroll past the Singer interview (actually don't cos he rocks) and you'll get Joss talking Serenity and the Internet.

I watched/listened for 10 or 15 minutes and never saw Joss. You can't really fastforward it well, so I didn't see him either skipping through the second half. Do you know about how far into the video the Joss part is?
It's around the halfway point, April. Good interview about his thoughts of the internet.
I skipped around in the video to try and find it - he's right after the interview with Bryan Singer (which I think was about 10 minutes in).
Not sure, I moved the cursor to about half way through and he was on. Certainly after Singer
I couldn't get the video to work --- it would run for about 15 seconds and then stop, but the audio would continue. Did it or will it be broadcast on the actual tv show?
How bout a transcript. It would be good for people who can't play the damn thing. Namely me.
Once you get past the one grumpy pants host’s overuse of the word ‘geek’, ‘mega geeks’ and ‘peculiar’, they throw it to another guy who says Joss was described to him as “one of the gods of ComicCon”. He asked if “Serenity” was some form of revenge to be had after the cancellation of “Firefly”. Joss said it was a different kind of passion, as strong as revenge, but that was in fact love that brought it to the screen. Even though he does have a sense of pride, it wasn’t some sort of ‘I’ll show them’ issue but rather that he loved it and the characters too much to let the show die-- especially since it failed after never really geting a chance. He was asked how he felt about having fans being able to follow his work and give feed back because of the Internet in a way his father and grandfather never could. He said it was useful as a way to get a feeling of what’s working or not, but it doesn’t influence specific decisions.
When you’re considered a “god” and a genius, you probably don’t need other people thinking they know best and telling you what do and how to do it, in my opinion. He has a good nose (it’s not a fetish, I’m just sayin’) and seemed very grounded, with almost a air of--wait for it--serenity.
This is a very good summary. I attempted to create a thread on that was a complete transcript of this interview. I sure as hell remember typing it out. I checked the archives and it's not there. Guess it never actually posted. I am not pleased. But bloodflowers' post tells you everything you need to know.
bloodflowers, many kudos, that's a terrific recap. To all the folks who couldn't get the clip to work, bloodflowers has captured everthing marvelously--the only thing you're missing is seeing Joss' face (and nose).
you can skip right to minute 10:40.
That's where the gold is...

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