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August 23 2005

Willow and Joss listed among MSN's "Favourite Geeks". Both the character of Willow and Joss are mentioned in this feature, stating that, as Willow once said, "Nerds are in. They're still in, right?"

"Willow Rosenberg-From the mind of the greatest geek of them all (see separate entry for Joss Whedon) comes the ultimate girlie geek, heroine of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Willow. Bookish and shy, Willow met Buffy at school and, as the seasons flew by, she became the most powerful über-witch in TV history. But hanging out in the library or causing chaos with her magic was nothing compared to her greatest passion of all – Tara. Now is that geek or lesbian chic?"

Joss Whedon- "From small geeks come great things… Joss is nothing short of a geek god for fans of Buffy, Angel and Firefly. His passion for writing on all things weird and supernatural has recently propelled him to super-status, as he's directing/writing Serenity and Wonder Woman. A true talent when it comes to writing, it seems all those years he spent penning comic books are finally paying off."

How does Johny Knoxville get higher than either of those two?
His passion for writing on all things weird and supernatural has recently propelled him to super

Yeah, sure, again somebody who understands Joss writing...

Joss does not write *on* weird and supernatural; he writes on very "common" and "natural" human problems, using a supernatural/sci-fi medium for that. But the supernatural/sci-fi is only a medium, not the thing he writes "on".
Ha! Love the Geek Chic tag.
Alyson looks extremely yummy in that picture.
Thanks, nixygirl, I liked it too. :)

I do think geeks are pretty cool. Willow was one of the revolutionary geeks, and Seth Cohen is a more recent example but I don't think he would exist without Willow. And she was much cooler.

And of course Joss is cool, but I don't see him as that much of a geek. I don't really see myself as one either, even though I have extreme passions for TV shows and films. I think as long as people's obsessions are cool, then they aren't too geeky. If Joss's obsessions are making interesting, intelligent and enjoyable TV shows and films, I think that's pretty cool.
Weird. It looks like Joss, but it's wearing a tie...

And wasn't he writing BtVS and Angel before writing the comics?

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