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August 23 2005

Empire Magazine covers last night's Serenity premiere. A great writeup with some lovely pics of the cast (and Jason Biggs for some strange reason). And we get to find out who likes a drop or two. More (spoilery) coverage over at iofilm.

WireImage has some thumbnail pics of Joss and the cast from yesterday.

WENN Photo Library has some bigger pics.

Nice read. Makes me all giddy in anticipation for the movie. Also, and this is nitpicky and the like but it irks me so. Dance of joy is from Angel. Give the show some respect.
And they spelled his name Wheldon once, instead of Whedon.
Also, Serenity was never a warship....but nice article!
That picture of Joss with the blue sky/fluffy clouds on WireImage is fab! Too bad it's only the thumbnails we can see.
I agree Caroline, Joss looks does everyone else too of course.
Jason Biggs, was he there to see Serenity or oddly placed pic? The article said Alan Tudyk was there. He's not on any cast photo. It's probably Adam Baldwin cause they left off his name on the last paragraph.
I love what Adam Baldwin is wearing. He looks so...Jayne!
Oh, drinking into the wee small hours at The Last Drop with Nathan, Jewel, and Chris Buchanan? That's like my dream date . . . and those are great pictures, even if WireImage have managed to mangle the names of Jewel, Joss, and Morena.
Damn! Look at Gina in that first picture! She looks incredibly beautiful!
That picture confirms my beliefs that River is the next Ripley (as in sigourney weavers character in the Alien-Franchise). She reminds me (visually) of a young sigourney weaver, and for all of us browncoats we know she can also kick arse like Ripley. Awesome, purely awesome.
(The picture of Summer with Gina that is)
Jason Biggs is in Kinky Boots (not literally obviously - though some might dream anyway rapidly moving on), which is a film being premiered at the EIFF.
While I'm rooting for CC as Wonder Woman, Gina looks extrodinarily amazon-y in that picture with all the girls.
Jason Biggs is in Kinky Boots, which is a film being premiered at the EIFF.

Damn. I was hoping for a cameo as Mal's estranged half-brother who fought for the Alliance. Ah well, there's always the sequels ;)
Actually Mr. Biggs stars in Guy X, which was showing last night as well.

And as for Mr. Baldwin's outfit, look at the shirt - it's a South Park style rendition of Jayne himself. :D
They all look so fantastic. I think I'm developing a toally man crush on Sean Maher.

Do people agree that Serenity is a B-movie? Is that a good or bad thing? I think in terms of finance maybe it is, but in terms of story, writing, directing, performances and such, it will truly be a blockbuster.

And isn't it great that Jewel Staite is one of the hardcore drinkers?!?

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You need to add a Spoiler tag if you are going to mention IOFilm, because one of those reviews has spoilers in it. I myself spoiled someone with that (for about a minute), and feel very bad about it, so I want to spare you a similar embarrassment.

BTW, it looks as if this guy mistakenly thought the whole crew was there -- not true, right? Alan is in Spamalot and so was not there, I think.

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