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August 23 2005

New York Serenity Screening 8-24-05. Details posted at the Browncoats forum (reg req).

I hope this isn't old news.
Loews Lincoln Square (1998 Broadway, at 68th StreetNew York, NY 10023)
First 300 will be admitted. It's free. Don't congregate before 4:30pm!

boy oh boy, that's quite a short notice.
I wonder how a hundred or so people are going to manage a low profile when they arrive early ... lol

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I'd like to go...but I don't think it is really possible. Rrrrgh! Well I did see it once already.
Oh dear...this will be a mad rush! They're doing the same thing in L.A today! A friend of mine from another totaly unrelated site, could not use her press creds to get into the L.A one, and will be lining up this afternoon with the rest.
I can just see the reporters and tv jumping on that! I hope everyone behaves politely.
Damn it. Of all the times to be out of town.

...But don't we want the press to see it?
Well, newcj, that's why they are only opening 300 seats to the public -- the rest are reserved for the press -- probably about 200 at least for the press, right? Don't most theatres have about 500 seats at least?
Oh man oh man...just texted my girlfriend who isn't working tomorrow, hopefully not too many people will show up before 4:30. I've had really bad experiences with show up at x time lines before.
The pre-film shindig is actually at the Emerald Inn which is at 205 Columbus Avenue. Maui's Tacos is where the NYC Browncoats are meeting this Saturday for another shindig.
Is it usual for a press screening to include fans as well?
I work about 15 blocks from the theater, but I'll pass. That's 300 seats and probably thousands of rabid Browncoats. I don't need the potential injuries. I can wait the extra month and see it with the rest of the planet.
Well, I'm not working, so can spend 90 minutes in line for a free screening. Hopefully, with the short notice, not too many people will be out in full effect...
I really want to try to go to this one but do you guys think it's going to be a mad house trying to get in?

browncoats are tricky creatures.
Good luck to the NYers. I'm still trying to figure out if I'll be way too late for the LA showing tonight if I get there at 5:30! Browncoats *can* be tricksy creatures! :~P

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