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August 23 2005

(SPOILER) Footage from Serenity World Premiere. WARNING: The Q&A footage contains major spoilers.

Videos need to be watched in either Quicktime or VLC.

I saw the link. The video isn't the greatest in the world, but it's a chance to see a major red carpet moment for Joss and the cast. Also, the footage is split into six parts. So, the Red Carpet footage is OK to see for those who haven't seen the movie.
I gave it a try, but I can't make out anything unless I turn it up full blast, but then the applause and cheers completely blares. Guess I'll just not watch it.
Q&A's are usually pretty painful anyway. But Joss Talk is always a joy. Eh. I'll deal.
I get zero sound. This happens to me a lot.
Yea, I'm the same. I can hear it ok, it has the shakey cam thing going on. I'm wondering how this person snuck the camera in??

EDIT to Add: I had no sound on VLC until I hit the audio button and hit track one. Then like magic I had sound.

[ edited by nixygirl on 2005-08-23 20:44 ]
Hmmmm, uhm. I was actually in the press area and I'm not sure who's taken this. I think it might have been a guy stood near us (this ain't our footage).
When you say 'our' who exactly are you refering to Gossi?? ;)
Me and DoubleShiny... We're making a docu-thing on Serenity at the mo. Just got granted interviews in California, wee. We've got over 4 hours of footage already. Fun.

[ edited by gossi on 2005-08-23 21:12 ]
God, I will never get over Adam and his kisses :) *sighs*
Oh is that the one I've been hearing about, that's about the fandom thing?? How kool is that also! Interviews, ummmm... yay!
Thank you nixygirl, and thanks for the clue about needing to play this in Quicktime. What a joy this is. It makes me so happy that our BDM is really made and now the premier has happened. I think I'll have to do the Dance of Joy my own self.
I should point out that I had nothing to do with this site or the taping, so I don't think the Craig that the banner tells you to avoid at all costs is actually me...

[ edited by Craig Oxbrow on 2005-08-24 00:21 ]
Heh heh I did wonder Craig. Also, it's so very shiny isn't it Embers!
Well, shiny but...

I can't make out what they're saying, even with the volume all the way up :(

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