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August 23 2005

Buffy PALz Series 3 Pics! Palisades has revealed the 3-D renderings of its 3rd Series of the successful Buffy PALz.

Anya, Angel, Wesley and Faith look spot on! And the accessories are so damn cool!!!

Oh that's so cool, with each of them coming with a bit of Snake Mayor... and then you'll be able to put it all together... that's just plain cool
They all look like themselves! How amazing.
Oh my god, those are faboo. I so want the Mayor. And Wesley. In fact, they shoudl have a whole Wes series, in all his incarnations from Weenie Wes (in this lot) to Ultra Hot Scruffy Wes.
Those are a really great idea. I am hoping to find a UK site that has all of the Pals figures in boxsets, so I can buy each series (including any variations) in one go.

I like Anyanka in this set. You could re-enact "The Wish" perfectly. And the werewolf Oz from the second series was very cool too.
Oooh, re-enacting Buffy episodes using Pals figures! What an excellent idea. Now I know what to do with Buffy action figures if I ever get them.

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