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August 24 2005

Jane Espenson makes with the funny. She's joined the writing/producing team of the ABC comedy Jake In Progress.

Is that show any good? Never seen it.

I saw one or two episodes. I'm not sure they aired all the episodes last year. There was talk of John Stamos joining ER and then everyone being surprised that the show was picked up for another season. I thought it was a mediocre sit-com, but if there's a dramatic improvement in the writing, then I think there's at least potential for something worthwhile.
I liked one odd-ball character in it, and there is some media-critical and fun potential.
Hmm, I think I've heard of it atleast. Not a Stamos fan, but anything for Jane!
First Tru Calling, now Jake in Progress...

I certainly miss the year she was on Gilmore Girls.
Can't comment on the show since I've never watched it, but I'm happy to see her going to ABC. She had nothing but a run of bad luck on Fox. Though comedies aren't my cup of tea, Jane should do well with her wonderful sense of humor. I wish her the best.
JiP was actually a pretty decent show. And with her writing skills, I'm sure it'll sure.

But yeah. I REALLY miss the year she was on Gilmore Girls.
It's gotten very good reviews, but I'm sitcom-phobic. How I Met Your Mother will probably be my first foray into this world in some time.

(If you don't count The Simpsons.)
I thought Jake in Progress was cancelled. Huh.

bookrats The Simpsons isn't a sitcom. It's straight up satire, as far as I'm concerned.
No, it's still on. Here's a fall's TV schedule. JiP is on Monday nights.
I love Jane.

*loves Jane*
Jane started out in sitcoms. She used to write for Ellen. I never watched JiP, and have no interest in it, but I'm not going to say this is a bad decision. But I'm still very interested in her Eutopia idea. I would love to see her produce that, or something else that she creates. Jane is a genius as far as I'm concerned. Perhaps I'll catch a JiP Espesode next season.
I thought Jake in Progress was cancelled. Huh.

Maybe you are thinking of Jake2.0?
Maybe you are thinking of Jake2.0?

Nope. (That was forever ago!)

I thought I read in a recent Ausiello column something about ABC "...putting Jake in Progress out of its misery."

Personally, I never watched the show so I know nothing of its quality. But of Jane is going to be a writer, I'll have to start watching it. ...Or at least the eps she writes.
electricspacegirl said:

But I'm still very interested in her Eutopia idea.

Me too.
What happened to that project? Did they film a pilot or there was only a script?

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