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August 24 2005

(SPOILER) Joss E-mails Rob. Plus some not so informative mentions of the Spike TV movie. (spoilers for other shows).

Question: Please tell me anything about Veronica Mars! Melissa

Ausiello: You know that much-talked-about love note that Joss Whedon posted about his new fave show, Veronica Mars? Well, I hear he followed that up with a personal e-mail to exec producer Rob Thomas in which he, well, gushed some more. It apparently made Rob's week.

(Edited to add requested spoiler tag)

I wonder if we'll ever know the contents of that letter.
Hey, Ausiello's TV Guide column linked to Whedonesque not once, but twice! Congrats! Even through in a mention of the Support Spike site. Kewl!
There is an "Ask Rob a question" link at his website. I was thinking of asking him to post his reaction; the email itself is probably kinda personal.
You might want to add a spoiler tag since Ask Ausiello is usually chock full of spoilers for other shows - cool news, though!

Edited to say thanks for adding the requested spoiler tag!

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Yeah, I bet Rob Thomas was on cloud nine with that response. As often as VM is compared to BtVS, he had to be happy receiving "kudos" from the man himself.
I love that Joss loves this show. Not surprised though. The man does know great TV after all!

And great news that the VM airings on CBS have been successful! Looks like they helped up the ratings on UPN as well. WooHoo!
Ooh, I'd love to have been a fly on Rob's computer when he got that email. Awesome. Maybe those two will have lunch and someday work together. After watching VM, I really thought that Rob Thomas' storytelling is very much in the same style as Joss'. That's where I think the VM/Buffy comparisons come from.

Maybe Rob Thomas will now finally watch a complete season of Buffy. It's clear he'd love the show.

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Anyone wanna take bets on how long it'll be before Joss is invited to write an episode of VM?
Episode 17 of this upcoming season!
Oh Kris, that's an excellent thought that I can see happening. Put me down for episode 20.
Oh, come on. Joss should get the season finale, hands down.
Put me down for episode 18... wait, you mean for Joss to write it? Aw, I was hoping to write an epi :P Call me, Rob!!! *makes call me gesture* Would love to see Joss pen an epi, but doubt it would be season finale, that'll be Rob's baby I imagine.
I realize that zg, but I hear this Joe Sweden fellow has a flair for those. Plus, you know, it wouldn't be me without the gratuitous sucking up. ;)
Ooh, now I'm itching for some Joss-penned Veronica Mars fanfic. Hee!
Ausiello says: Yes, I heard! Theresa over at forwarded me the link over the weekend, and, needless to say, I was ecstatic. Now I'm just waiting for confirmation of that producing credit.

What? I'm not a big enough confirm? WHATEV, Gossipboy.
Oh, he knows he's got it. He's just having us on.

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