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August 24 2005

How the fans helped reincarnate Joss Whedon's Firefly. Wired Magazine tackles the Browncoats and gives a timeline from the show's birth to its eventual rebirth on the big screen.

We are mighty :)
At the end of the article I wanted to add:

October 1: Serenity is a hit.
:) that's all I have to say. That, and that we are so much better than Trekkies.
Hey! I was a trekkie! :P

Had a lot of great times and moments with that fandom. It's where I cut my fangirl teeth. Trek still occupies a piece of my heart, though Joss' work eclipses anything that has come before, bar none.
DS9 has a place in my heart and TOS still has a cheese filled spot somewhere in there :) Mmm, cheese...
Star Trek, of course, kind of laid the groundwork for any fan campaign ever. I'd also say that they were significantly more successful than us thus far, as they took what was a three-season show and ended up with a huge franchise, a lot of films, etc. Given that much time, we might be able to say likewise, but I don't think we're better than they are yet.

Also, I kind of think the title of the article is misleading, though all the information within it is accurate. Because Serenity isn't Firefly, for all that it is a continuation of the story and whatnot. Different medium, different storytelling process, etc.

In any case, we are getting our movie, and that we got it is more important than how we got it, in my book.

ETA: I see now that the title of the link and the title of the article are not the same - oops. So, anyway, I think the link is a bit misleading. "Reincarnate" is a much better word choice than "save," I think.

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Another future item I like to see added to that article is "Universal signs Serenity sequel"

Yeah, I was a trekkie too, but Enterprise finally drove me away. Didn't make it through the first season. I've been hearing season four wasn't too bad so I've been reading that season at TWoP. I found myself laughing more at the recapper's frustration than anything else.
Reincarnate sounds good to me, so I changed the title :).
Does anyone have the hardcopy of this issue? Is it the same issue that has the blogs vs. the Pentagon story?

Nice coverage. Wired is a "big" publication.
Ahhh sweet sweet vindication! (well..soon to be when the BDM is a huge hit)
Thanks, Simon.

phlebotinin, I think this is this month's issue - which has Jon Stewart on the cover.
As Adam Baldwin says on the Behind the Scenes of Serenity DVD, "Redemption!" That's it exactly. Is anyone else starting to get tingly hopes of a new Firefly TV series sometime in the future, perhaps after a movie trilogy? Maybe on the sci-fi channel? Ok, just me then. I dare to dream.
We're all dreamers, electricspacegirl...we wouldn't be here otherwise!

And: correct, phlebotinin, Wired is very big, and read by a very key audience...need to get those folks into the theater next month!
Right there with you, electricspacegirl. After the success sci-fi is having with 'Battlestar Galacica', the future does indeed look promising.
How cool would new seasons of Firefly and BSG be back-to-back? I didn't include Stargate only 'cause I don't actually watch it. I assume the triple threat would make some here spaz out to levels previously unknown :)
Oh speaking of Firefly and Battlestar Galactica.

Check out the three people in "The New Face of SciFi" article in the October edition of Sci Fi magazine. I must get a hold of this article. I would have loved to have sat in on the conversation.

Right you are, Simon. Think I'm going to subscribe for this magazine.
SO picking up that issue after work, thanks for the heads up :)
Ooh, that does sound worth reading. I guess there's no easy way to get it over here though?
You might be able to get it on import in your local comic book shop but that's just a guess.

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