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February 03 2003

Emma Caulfield interview. She speaks about her fashion style and tells a very scary story about a Buffy fan.

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"I'm a ridiculous sci-fi fan. In fact, I admit it freely, [and] my manager is horrified. I just recently bought seasons two through five of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on DVD."

Go Emma, go Emma, go Emma!
(OT) If you get a chance, buy the new SFX magazine. It has a very revealing interview with Joss Whedon. He describes the Firefly debacle as 'humbling' and how he intends to leave TV once Buffy and Angel have finished their natural ends and concentrate on the big screen.

"I have a bunch (of stories) that I want to tell, I'm not just going to tell them in television form for a while."
I could totally get behind "Firefly" on the BIG screen---imagine that? And the television critics would be eating their own entrails trying to explain themselves---mwahahahahahahahah! ;)
At first the line "She once wore a revealing bunny suit" really threw me - I was like, come on! You obviously didn't bother to watch the episode!!! But then I realized it was revealing - psychologically.

Ooooooh. Deep.
The New York Post? Deep? That *is* science fiction!
That is ao awesome that she likes Nicole Kidman! Emma and Nicole are my two favourite actresses... what a cool mix. LOL the bunny outfit was reveling? Hahaha... that's a good one. LOL.
Wishful thinking, maybe :)

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