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August 24 2005

Pictures from the 'Serenity' premiere ...and also a picture of Joss from the ReelLife interview yesterday, both from the official EIFF site.

Sorry if these pics have already been posted, I looked around and didn't see any.

Here are some of my better-looking pictures from the premiere. Now that I'm back in Estonia from that little trip, I can share them with you.
Ah, these are new pictures. Aren't our BDH's cast a sight to behold?
Does anyone know where Ron and Alan were??
Alan is doing Spamalot in NY I believe. I don't know about Ron.
Ron was promoting the movie at GenCon in Indianapolis
Ah, Book, ever the faithful shepherd...!

Damn, just, well, damn...I am so excited...a pal for 15 years finally agreed to watch the DVDs...he's an utter fanatic (uh, FLANatic) now, and is marshalling students, professors, (he is an official at a university) family, and friends to go to the movie...I sent him the review that is posted elsewhere and he responded, "I am sitting here with an ear-to-ear wide grin in anticapation of this movie, and in anticipation of it being an utter SMASH!"

His keyboard to God's database...
Wow, I think that's the first time I've seen Joss with what looks like a pissed off expression! He looks like he's saying "You talkin' to ME?"
I love the picture with all the male stars standing together for the press, and Joss sort of standing to the back, looking like "A `guys' photo? Ok, I'll... oh, wait, not me, OK..."
Willowy, I think the interviewer just called him Josh Wheldon.
Hah, jlv!

Seriously, doesn't it look like Joss wants to punch his lights out? :D
Really? I didn't get that impression at all - I just thought he looked like he was really contemplating what the guy was saying.
Or, the guy could have spinach in his teeth.
It's the premiere! The guys couldn't have dressed up a little? Sheesh. Can't take them anywhere.
Adam wore his South Park Jayne T-shirt! What more could you ask for?
I think Joss is fighting a losing battle against jet lag, considering he had to fly from L.A.

But I like Willowy's spinachy suggestion better ... heh heh
OK, I got the straight scoop: in the pic Joss had just got off the phone with Joel Silver, who informed him that, yes, indeed, Cathy Lee Crosby WOULD darn well reprise her role as Wonder Woman.

Is that reference too obscure? I know it's not funny, but is it too obscure?
I have some nice video from a friend from another board, her name is Tigerlily from the Spaced-Out forum.
The vids are in AVI, and she's quite close...
Dance of Joy (9 mbs)
The Man they call Jayne (4 mbs)
right click, save target as.
Ha! Oh, but it is funny! That was an absolutely horrid incarnation! Heeee!
Proof, if proof were needed, that getting 550 generally-deliriously-happy fans to sing unexpectedly is not going to produce a thing of beauty and wonder for the ages. I for one would like to publicly apologise for my part in the singalong...

(Hell yes I'm downloading those!)
Hahahaah made me feel waaaay less embarrassed about our last Sydney singalong! (not that I was embarrassed, I often make an arse of myself in public)
Those are fabulous photos, thanks for sharing, chickenbird.

I especially love the one with all four women standing arm in arm. The way they are all dressed complements one another perfectly, and they all look happy and gorgeous!

Is this Chris B.'s first foray into genuine fan worship? I wonder what he thinks of all this?

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