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August 24 2005

Vote on Wonder Woman at So far, Angelina is in the lead ahead of Charlize, Demi, Vivica A. Fox, Jennifer Beals, Rebecca Romijn, and Rosario Dawson. (Personally, I'd go with Morena Baccarin).

Angelina Jolie my ass.

Y'know what, Rosario Dawson isn't that bad a choice, I reckon.

Still, it should be a Brandon Routh-esque actor. Practically unknown.
Demi Moore? What are they drinking?

An unknown is the really the best choice.

They needed the option of "none of these" in that poll. I wanted to see the results but picking "no answer" didn't register.

[ edited by ShelaghC on 2005-08-25 03:41 ]
Terrible stated by others, they need at least an "other" choice. Well, if they can do that, I expect everyone here to respond to my poll:
Who should play Wonder Woman?
1) Charisma Carpenter
2) If you don't pick the above choice, your vote doesn't count.

Well, I like Charisma about as much as the next guy, but IMHO I just don't think she has the necessary gravitas to carry the role (not to mention the sword and shield) of the legendary Amazon warrior princess.


Plus, it's pretty much a given Joss probably won't cast anyone over 25, much less over 35, given sequel considerations - which rules out most of the names on PlanetOut's (absurd) list -- as does the logic that Warner Bros. will likely follow their Batman Begins and Superman Returns pattern and (hopefully) go with a relatively unknown (and inexpensive) non-star.
I'm just disappointed that they didn't suggest Nathan Fillion.
I agree, none of the above.
Surely they are being humorous with some of these choices.
esg - I say it every time, but no-one holds a candle to Morgan Freeman!
Angelina's name did make me think, though. While she sometimes makes terrible role choices, she keeps getting cast for everything because she's one of few major actresses right now that has an authentic toughness about her where she can play a badass believeably.

Whoever does get picked for WW needs to have that same quality. That's why, for example, while I love Michelle Trachtenberg, I don't think she could play WW.

I guess I can see why so many people like Charisma now, because she does have a sort of tough feminine quality about her. It's a bit different than the type I envision for WW, though.

[ edited by Celluloid Novelist on 2005-08-25 05:27 ]
I can't see anyone on that list as Wonder Woman.

My two choices would be Charisma Carpenter, or Evangeline Lilly.
Evangeline Lilly would make a good Wonder Woman. Plus I just love seeing her on the screen.

I don't disagree with the popular Morena Baccarin choice either.

Edit: Actually, when I think about Michelle's performance on Six Feet Under, maybe she could play Wonder Woman.

[ edited by Celluloid Novelist on 2005-08-25 05:36 ]
Well, my heart belongs to Charisma...Amy Acker looked good in a photo wearing the costume but I think she's too frail, Summer Glau would meet the age criteria and she certainly has shown the ability to perform the physical aspects of the role...selecting her would shake things up!
Then again...Amy did just fine (and then some) as Illyria!
Really, I'm going to be surprised if in the end it's anyone known to fans of the Whedonverse.

WW is an Amazon. A demi-goddess. A warrior woman. She is not 4 feet tall, and she does not weigh 25 lbs.

I do not think that any of the casting suggestions I've read could really be Wonder Woman. They are all too old, too skinny, too short, too weak, or too (WAY too) over-exposed.

I really hope they go with a heretofore unknown actor. Some woman that could swoop in and kick everyone's ass. And act. Please let her be able to act. And one more thing: the physical representation should be perfect. Perfect.

Think Christopher Reeve. He was born to play Superman. Give us someone born to be Diana. I just know, if she's out there, Joss will find her.
Oh. no. Not again.

None of them. Give some struggling unknown actress a chance to become a star.

And the layout at that site is such a waste of time! Very annoying to have to change pages for each improbable contender.
How could Joss go for anyone other than Morena Baccarin?
Don't want ANYONE on that list either.

I think Lauren Graham would be a good Wonder Woman

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