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August 24 2005

The Serenity Role Playing Game cover has been posted by its main author, Jamie Chambers, in this thread on the RPGnet forums about first impressions of the RPG, following preview book sales and demonstration games at GenCon Indy last weekend.

He also assures us that there will be an official site soon, including things like a downloadable character sheet, and points out that there will be a Serenity RPG presence at Dragon*Con.

I do like the cover, tis lovely.
Jamie also assures us that the book should be entertaining for non-gamers (like me). It's written in a story style, not like an instruction manual. The 600 copies they took to GenCon sold out in a day. For proper credit, we should note that the cover, and indeed all of the art in the book is by long time Firefly guerilla marketeer 11thHour (Susan Tomb).
I should have a chance to crack the book open this weekend. Looking forward to it.
I had a chance to look through it on Monday, it is pretty darned cool :)

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