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August 25 2005

Charisma Carpenter just wants to have fun. Great interview where she talks about the Buffy legacy, the UPN sitcom that never happened and her upcoming stint on Veronica Mars (very minor spoilers for that btw).

I just can't express how excited I am that Charisma is going to be on my FAVE show (outside of the Whedonverse, that is). It is always great to see such a wonderful actress continue to get work.

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The bitca is back. Sweet!
Ironic that two of the girls who tried out for Buffy (SMG and CC) have now both played bitcas named Kendall at some point in their career.

But, in lieu of those Herbal Essences commercials from the 1990's, YES YES YES!!!

I seriously cannot wait to see CC on VM this fall!
Excellent. Very much looking forward to seeing her shine again.
There is nothing on the upcoming television season I'm looking forward to even half as much as seeing Charisma again. And she's on a great show!
I really think Charisma seems like a genuinely nice person so I wish her all the best for the future. Whenever Veronica Mars comes to the UK I shall definitely be watching, both because of Joss's endorsement and now, for Charisma.

I also liked how Charisma talked about how Cordelia was a rounded character, and that she developed as the shows progressed, instead of remaining the same bitchy character forever.
had seven years of one-hour shows, with late-night shoots, lots of action, you know, and special effects. It's a very time-consuming process that's hard on the body, and it's very difficult to be present for family when you're working like that. I put my dues in, and I want a half hour, so that's where I'm heading.

Huh. I guess I never really thought about that. That must be the reason why Aly and Nick are both doing comedies despite the fact that they're so good at drama.
Emma Frost, Mercedes McNab also tried out for Buffy, and Harmony's last name was Kendall.
Looking forward to seeing more of Charisma, assuming we ever get to see Veronica Mars over here. Anyone heard any news on it being shown here in the UK yet?
jaynelovesvera, I completely forgot about that bit! Overall, that's sorta funky, in a cool way. And Harmony was a bit of a bitca too, hehehe.
I'm so excited to see Charisma on VM. She's always been a favourite. :)
NickSeng, I think genre shows can be very taxing on the actors involved. I read an interview with Seth Green in Buffy/Angel magazine recently, and he said something quite similarly, how he often had to spend a lot of time in makeup, particularly when he was going to be a werewolf, and that there would be a lot of waiting around, as well as the added complications of fight scenes and special effects.

Added to that, there is the fact that unfortunately in season three of Buffy characters like Oz and Cordelia became peripheral. As Seth said, "Sometimes I spent hours waiting just to say, "I think Buffy's right". He had no critism of any of the Buffy cast or crew, it's just a fact that it can be very gruelling for everyone involved.

Of course it would be very difficult for Sarah Michelle Gellar to hold the show together, but sometimes you think of one of the less prominent Scoobies as having as easier job of it, when in fact it can still be very taxing for them. I'm not saying that they don't have fun or feel satisfied with their work, it just stands to reason that after so long most of the cast are keen to do something different, that might not be quite as difficult in terms of working hours.
Aly also said in an interview that she loved comedy and thats why she wanted to do a sitcom. I can imagine how grueling the hours of hour-drama tv can be. I think I heard the cast of Will & Grace say they work 4 hours a day 4 days a week. That must be heaven compared to the 12 hours 6 days a week that SMG had to work on Buffy.
Vampire With A Gun

VM starts on Living TV on October 3rd at 6pm for a daily showing
Thanks for that, garda39, much appreciated!

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