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February 03 2003

(SPOILER) BtVS S7x13 'The Killer in Me' Wildfeed summary now available at Leoff Online.

This sounds great :-) I shouldn't read the Demens wildfeed in the morning, it's always off putting, I find. Leoff somehow manages to be neutral in his recaps.

Can I touch Giles too, please?
Mmmm... Nice warm, snuggly spoilage. It's like a blanket you can just wrap yourself up in it. Cozy. =)
shall we ALL touch Giles???
Must. Resist. Urge. To. Click.
So how did Amy know about potential slayers? Did she get her extra power from the FE or has she just been stalking Willow really closely?
By the way, this episode rocks. There's lots going on, it's funny, it's creepy and it LOOKS good. More after it airs.
I think Amy's stalking---she had that gay-leering look she gave Kennedy, maybe she's always had a thing for Willow? *shrugs* Amy is definitely a stalker-chick type.

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