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August 26 2005

(SPOILER) New excerpt from the Serenity novelization. The author Keith DeCandido says over at "There are some minor spoilers, but nothing major -- certainly none of the variety that will ruin the movie for you".

Bloody excellent.

For those who are afraid of spoilers - alot of the action revolves around the trailers we've seen. Backstory is given about River but nothing major.

I love how the writer shows the different points of view - Jayne and River. Fantastic. So completely in character and in love with the characters, it hurts to think about how soon the movie's going to come out. Grr. Argh.

I will definitely be picking up this novelization (after the movie of course!)

Cheers for finding it Simon!
ooh yeah. very good

I am so getting this
I have this on order from Amazon and, now I have seen the movie, I can't wait to read it. From the two excerpts we have seen it's the best novelisation that I have ever read. I love the way it tells the story from Jayne and then River's point of view. And so totally in character. It's great to read something by an author who loves the characters and understands them as much as we do.
That was outstanding, definitely will be picking this up.
I saw the final cut of "Serenity" two nights ago - this is as close as a book can get to a movie and still remain on the page! Great read - only catch is, I'm in Australia and these books have a habit of taking a very very long time to get here. Definitely getting it though, when it gets here!
That was why, even though Jayne was the most brutal person on Serenity, ZoŽ was the person who scared River the most.

At least, she was now that Shepherd Book was gone.

These tantalizing hints are brutal wonderful... of course River knows something of the truth about Book - that makes perfect sense for a reader. Please, please let there be a sequel.
I have to admit the last - in fact, possibly the only, - movie novelization I read was Alan Dean Foster's Alien, and I have never really considered it to be a particularly fruitful genre. But these excerpts have been so terrific, I've ordered this too.

*said smiling into camera and nodding vigorously* ;)
I am still reading this excerpt, and oh, my, it's quite lovely. He has the feel of the 'verse down perfectly. It's got a poetry about it too.

The last and only movie novelization I read was Some Kind of Wonderful (becuase I was obsessed with that movie) a long time ago. But I'm so buying and reading this. Shiny!

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Thanks, everyone!
I've seen inside Jayne's head.

You coulda warned me that was going to happen. :D
What I love is the little extra bits of character that you'd never get from the screen. Most novelizations simply narrate the on-screen action. This is the only one (along with Stover's Revenge of the Sith novelization) to get inside the characters' head and focus on their reactions to the scene rather than the action itself. Gingeriffic got my one favorite tidbit. This is the other:
"Repeater," the boy said, referring to Jayne's gun. River had never heard it called that--Jayne just called it "Phoebe."

krad, you truly understand the personalities of each character and that's what makes your writing so enjoyable. I've read a few buffyverse books from other authors that were off-key in the aspect of characters. "That isn't Willow. Buffy wouldn't respond in that matter." They didn't seem to 'know' the characters. You do and it shows in your tone of writing.

I'm looking forward to reading your 'Serenity' novel and the others I'm sure will follow.

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