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August 26 2005

(SPOILER) A review from the London screening of Serenity in which Joss Whedon and Summer Glau made an appearance. Although generally not enormously spoilerful, it does contain one hint at a major spoiler. If you're already spoiled, it is interesting and worth a read.

Actually, I would say that the first review gets incredibly spoilery at the last paragraph when he mentions a question he asked at the Q&A. It's doesn't refer to specifics of what happens in the movie, but I think is something that people who haven't seen the movie should avoid if they are trying to stay spoiler-free.
Definitely-Id consider that a major spoiler, despite the lack of detail.
Major, major spoiler. Huge spoiller.

Nice piece, otherwise, though.
Spoiler. Oh yeah. Spoiler.

And I STILL cannot get my mobile phone to give up the pictures I took of Joss and Summer! They're in there, I can see them on a screen the size of a postage stamp, but I can't download them!

And I forgot to ask the guy in front of me who videoed the whole film for a copy.
BIG spoiler, indeed. I'd rephrase the link description to prevent spoilerphobes from seeing this.

Otherwise a nice piece, as CiV says.
Wow, I like how they say they'll not spoil anyone, but in the very next sentence....
I like any review that begins with "Joss Whedon really is a talented bastard." That's all I've read so far, but I like this person already! I think every review of anything should start that way.

What was up with the end though? The reviewer says they won't spoil anything, and then proceeds to do just that, and then boast about how they didn't spoil anything. Wha?

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Orlando, you're like Whedonesque member No. 9? Wow. Congrats on your belated first post. ;)

I amended the subject line a little. And, since the self-link is verging on naughty, I've moved it to here.

Orlando's review of Serenity:
On Joss Whedon's Serenity

BTW: Do we suspect that there's some connection between this reviewer's last paragraph and a MAJOR SPOILER?

Oh, I see you all beat me to it.
Orlando was one of Whedonesque's beta-testers, SNT and sort of one of my BDH's.
Ah-ha. Very cool. I doff my hat. :)
Can we have personalised Whedonesque T-Shirts, with our number on them? I'd like something lower than 1753 but it's still cool!
I have to appreciate a reporter who points out that Fox-TV has tiny, tiny balls.

The truth is out there. :)
I have to appreciate a reporter who points out that Fox-TV has tiny, tiny balls.

The truth is out there. :)

Bookrats, that made my day! :D

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