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August 26 2005

Get ready for the Labour Day Joss-a-Thon on Space. 'SPACE presents 23 hours of the creative genius of Joss Whedon, the creator of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Firefly.' Tune in on Monday, Sept 5 and play the trivia game to win the Firefly DVD.

And the highlight of this Joss-a-Thon is a back to back airing of every single episode of Firefly.

(... I have no idea where Space broadcasts. Canada?)

Thanks to Danica for the link.

Yup, it's the Canadian SF channel. It's one of the very few reasons I still have a cable subscription. That and BBC Canada.
That's an interesting selection, especially the Angel eps. It's Angel/Cordy angst and resolution, and then a 2-part finale. Awesome. Wish I was in Canada.
I've noticed that Space is on Argentine cable as well (from time spent recovering from the plane trip in hotels). Will this only be in Canada, or will it be broadcast everywhere that Space is carried?
Shiny! And should be good for the movie!
I don't get Space, but that is an excellent line-up. I hope the people enjoy.
23 hours respect anyone who manages to watch all those eps back-to-back. Don't think I could do the full 23 hours. Some pretty good Angel eps there as well, yes. Waiting in the Wings rocks (although that ep, to me, will always be about the Wes/Fred/Gun love triangle, and not the Cordy/Angel stuff) and the other eps are very good S5 eps. It's a pretty good line-up alltogether.

The only thing that amuses me is that it's 23 hours and not 24...I would've gone for the grand gesture to make a day o' Joss.
Yeah! Go SPACE! I love living in Canada! :D
There are definitely advantages to living here alright! I may have to take the day after Labour Day off to be able to enjoy all of it, although with the time difference here on the Pacific coast, it will end at a slightly more civilized hour than it will in the East. Kudos to the Space channel, who just finished airing all the Firefly episodes again.
Wow... I know what I'm doing on Labour Day. I wish they would air a bit more classic Buffy. In fact, I'm very surprised they aren't airing "Once More, With Feeling" or "Hush". Still fun though. Although I can actually watch all of these episodes on DVD without commercials...
Wow. That is an AWESOME way to advertise Firefly. Especially because it's so close to the movie premiere and more people will be familiar with it. I am so thankful for Space. :)

Blame Canada. For, you know.. being the greatest.
Oh, GVH, I definitely consider Waiting in the Wings to be more Fred/Wes/Gunn angsty, but I was just noticing the connection between the first two eps.

Oh, but also, You're Welcome has the scene that is "Fred finally falling for Wesley" to me. There's another connection.
I am wondering which people will watch all this.

Obviously, only die-hard fans could watch all these 23 hours (or even only the firefly series in a row: this is 14 hours straight). But these die hard fans have the DVD, so they can watch it (without the "commercial" ;) ) when they want (and even in a row if they like it)... that's what I would do, even if I lived in Canada and could watch Space.

And I can't imagine that non-fans could really watch 14h in a row of firefly; this is a terrific series, yes, but when you discover it, I think you can appreciate it because you have a little time to think about it as you watch it, a little time to think between episodes (or couple of episodes).

So, could this day really bring new fans, or make a noticeable good to the movie? Who is the audience of this Joss-a-Thon? How will this program be watched by people (will they pick one episode here and then? watch 4h and then turn of the TV?...).
electricspacegirl: I was also wondering why 'Waiting in the Wings' was included, and it might just be because of the Angel/Cordy angst, yes, to give 'You're Welcome' a bigger impact, so I guess you're right.

Or it might just be for the 'hey, isn't that that River girl we just watched in 14 epsisodes'-effect, who knows.
Hey, all the episodes are connected!

Nathan Fillion is in End of Days and Chosen.
Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, and Summer Glau star in Firefly.
Summer's in WitW.
The events in You're Welcome instigate Adam Baldwin's arrival (I know I'm stretching, but I had to think of something).
Adam Baldwin is in Power Play and NFA.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-08-27 13:10 ]
Hey, yeah, now that you mention it, I guess 'You're Welcome' is indeed kind of the odd one out, with no Firefly actors featured, but might just be included for dramatic consistency. Seeing as this Joss-a-thon has primarily been programmed to promote Firefly, I don't think these episodes were picked by coincidence.

Hmm, I guess they should also have included some eps from the Yasmine arc in S4 then, by the way.
I would have chosen Hole in the World before You're Welcome, since its a gut-wrenching Joss episode - if it's REALLY a Jossathon :)
The marathon will definitely be cool. :) The thing that I like the most about Space's marathons is that they tend to show interviews with cast and writers during the commercial breaks. Space actually did a 24 hour marathon a couple of years ago -- all of season seven and the BtVS theatrical film all in a roll.
I agree, Mort, A Hole in the World is my favorite S5 episode, and possibly my favorite Angel episode, period.
Oops, I forgot about Smile Time. Let's see...still no Hamilton...well, a continuing of the Wes/Fred storyline... er, David Fury???
Smile Time - written by Ben Edlund who wrote Jaynestown and co-wrote Trash.
Heh, okay, the connections are getting less convincing. But, uhm, sure, Ben Edlund would work, I guess. Not that anyone but the most observant new viewer would notice, but still.
I'm a little late on this (I was running a Fan Table!) but in Toronto we are hoping to see a whole bunch of these in a group. One fella has access to a big room with a big TV.The only problem is that the subways don't open till 9 a.m, which is when the Marathon starts. Still, we'll all get there as quickly as we can and stay as long as we can. Anyone who is in Toronto and wants to come along check out

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