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August 26 2005

"Kitchen Confidential" Site Has Been Launched! FOX launched the official "KC" web site.

Be sure to click on "Seth" on the main page of the site for a fantastic video of Nick!

Thank you so much for keeping on top of this and posting about it right away. I've been waiting for them to update the site for some time now.
Your welcome!

However, if it weren't for the webmiss of Nick's site I wouldn't have known either.
I wish Nick the best.
How are we supposed to decide between KC and HIMYM? It's like being asked "which of your children do you love more?"
MySerenity, my personal preference would be KC, if only for the non-laugh track. And yes...after many many FORCED hours of being made to sit through SATC (can I add another 'many' in there?) with my girlfriend ("Oh just watch another one, you'll enjoy it!") i have come to appreciate the way that Star's shows are filmed, if not the chick content.

Of course I live in the U.K where Lost has only just started, so I doubt im going to have to make a choice like this for a long while!
Apocalypse, what does SATC stand for?
I think it stands for Sex and the City.
It most certainly does. And I shall never mention THAT show again. I'm doing my best to erase it from my mind. Goodbye Carrie Bradshaw. Thank God.
I'm just curious about why you don't like SatC. I know very little about it. I saw a clip that was supposed to be funny and the dialogue was so boring. I can't imagine it being an entertaining show because to me it seems very shallow and pointless. I don't care if women are running around town being free with their sexuality, just give me some substance!

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-08-28 11:16 ]
Well, I just find it so incredibly bland. Carrie hooks up with someone, yet she cannot find true happiness for she is in love with Big (for several years, for SO many episodes, over and over and over and over again), Samantha has sex a lot. Miranda wont commit because she's a high flying career woman. Charlotte (the character I admit i fell a little bit in love with) was the only person in the show that I could stand to watch, and to be honest thats because she was extrememly attractive yet also very sweet.

The show continued to follow this formula with very little depth for five years. It was only in the last year that they managed to move the characters on in some way, however they ruined it all in the final episode by having Carrie hook up with Big. Again.

Thats not to say the show was all bad, at times it could be very funny and actually quite touching. It's just when your used to Joss's complex character direction, SATC doesnt really hit the right marks. But it was a landmark show, mainly for the subject matter, although give me Buffy or Six Feet Under (sob!) any day!
Apocalypse, i share your pain. Unfortunately it appears that i'm a glutton for punishment. After years of suffering through watching Sex and the City with my previous grlfriend i've know gone and fallen for a girl who likes it even more!

Having sat through a large number of episodes i think i'm at liberty to comment on the show and quite frankly i honestly cannot understand how it ever got on the air, let alone became as popular as it did. Nothing of any interest happens! Ever!!!

Mind you, it was good for getting me to sleep when i needed an early night so that works in it's favour at least!
Lol. The same for me, although I did kinda like it. But the big plus point is that if it wasn't for Sex and the City I would never have seen BtVS.
But the big plus point is that if it wasn't for Sex and the City I would never have seen BtVS.

Ok, where is that connnection?

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