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August 27 2005

Serenity enters IMDB top 250, at place 245.

Note that they adjust ratings downward for movies with few votes, hence the rating for Serenity is much lower than what it says on the Serenity page.

They supply a formula at the bottom which explains the calculation, but I don't quite see how the figures match up. If you invert their formula using todays number of votes you would obtain an average of 8.6 for regular voters instead of the 9.1 given on the Serenity page (which is already weighted (probably towards regular voters), the unweighted average of all votes is 9.6).

Anyway 8.6 is not bad at all and would still put Serenity in the top 20.
I didn't want to start a new topic for this cause it'd be deleted. BUt turn your tv to life time movie channel right now to see a younger, more aggressive Nathan Fillion in a lifetime movie.

I was flipping the channels to get to Sci Fi channel so I could see Adam Baldwin in some movie called "GARGANTUA"

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Eddy - What movie are you talking about? Cries Unheard?
they only count the people that vote frequently not just 1 time voters or something like that
Wait. Thats not the movie. I don't know why sci-fi has it as that on the schedule. It was "Water's Edge" Ha..its listed as being made in 2003. Guess he isn't that younger. Oh well, he looked great! And it just went off :(

Ok. Off to watch Adam Baldwin in "GARGANTUA" on sci-fi. Clean shaven Adam rocks.

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In related news I just noted that Serenity tops the list of Sci-fi movies on IMDB (with another rating of in this case 8.8).
Also in the IMDB MOVIEmeter Serenity has moved up to number 30! The MOVIEmeter is based on how many hits a movie gets on IMDB, every hit counts but only members of IMDB Pro can actually see the results. 30 isn't the highest it's been - it was 25 as of the week ending 1 May - I think this is when the first trailer came out. Off now to check how our BDH's are doing in the STARmeter.
This thread makes my brain hurt...!
I note that Serenity is still unranked as a Western, though.
I wonder how many of those 1637 voters have actually seen the film. I love Firefly, but I won't rate a movie until I've watched it.
Yeah, I made the mistake of rating the movie a 10, and I haven't seen it yet. So in my guilt, today I went over and re-rated it a 5 since you can't withdraw a ranking (or if you can, I didn't see how). After I see it, I'm hoping to be able to change my vote back to 10.
SerenityScape, there is a way to retract a vote. Go to your "vote history" and click on "Make Ballot" at the bottom. This puts a vote drop-down menu at the left of each movie in your vote history. Then pick 'X' from that menu for the movie whose vote you want to retract. Make any other vote alterations you want while you are at it, then click on "Cast Votes".
Thanks chickenbird, I'll go do that now.
I wouldn't call Serenity a western. The show is a western, but Serenity is much more sci-fi.
I agree, electricspacegirl. Serenity is much more sci-fi than western. Just looking at the promotional material with its accents on cold blues and the like, points to that fact.

As for how many people who voted have actually seen the movie: we may have to consider that there's quite a lot of people who've been to pre-screenings in various parts of the world.

I know I've seen Serenity once already at the dutch pre-screening and I'm going to see it again september 6th at the big Dutch premiere (where Summer'll most likely be showing up \o/), so that'll be twice I get to see the movie before it officially premieres here or in the States. And I don't think I'm realy an exception.

Sure there are also a lot of people who haven't seen Serenity yet, and are dying to, but I think when one is to add all the people who've already seen it, we'd be well over the amount of votes Serenity gets on imdb right now. Although we may have to take into account the people who have already seen the movie several times.

Also, on a more personal note: my imdb-comment on the movie is still on the first comments page. Whee!

Okay, sorry for that little outburst...

:edit: typos...

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Yep, number nine in the scifi movies here. Cool!
...and now it's the NUMBER ONE "Most Searched-for Sci-fi Title in the last 7 days"... but has sadly - though I'm sure only temporarily - dropped out of the IMDb Top 250.

Which is probably all SerenityScape's fault for changing that 10 to a sacreligious 5. ;-) Kidding!

Anyway, those of you who have actually seen the film are very strongly encouraged to vote for it on IMDb.
Serenity's overall rating dropped from 9.1 to 8.8 too. It seems that the number of those who voted 1 (worst) increased dramatically today (it was about 12-15, now 42).

Conspiracy? :(
lince - I think that it is not so much a conspiracy as much as it is people just being nay-sayers. Most people have not yet seen the movie yet, so I think that we are doing very well with and 8.8 score without the movie having wide release. I think we all just need to be a bit more patient. We are all just darn excited these days.
I think the 1/10 ratings might be a counterreaction to the 10/10 ratings. There's actually a thread about those 10/10 ratings on the Serenity movie page, and I feel that maybe people took it upon themselves to compensate. But I'm just guessing here.
Even stranger is that Serenity has dropped on the Sci-Fi movies list to 21 (with a rating of 8.0), from 1 with 8.8 yesterday. Either they made an error in their calculations at least on one day (which seems unlikely) or they changed the way things are calculated (or those 1's were given by very regular voters).

Anyway if I ran IMDB I would consider the rating of Serenity troublesome, firstly because right now mostly fans have seen the movie (and thus the opinion of those who saw the movie is biased) and secondly there is a big following who might vote a 10 without having actually seen the movie. Based on such data I would not want to proclaim this movie to be one of the best 250 movies made, or even stronger, the best Sci-fi movie ever, which they did yesterday.
Well, imdb's ratings are always kind of fluid, especially in the beginning. Recent movies usually drop on the lists over time, and I'm thinking that every imdb visitor'll take the score of a movie like Serenity, which hasn't even been released yet, with a grain of salt.

I remember the same thing happening with the Lord of the Rings movies before (and in the first few weeks after) they premiered, although on a much larger scale. As time went by and more and more people saw the movies the grades slowly stabilised. I'm sure the same thing'll happen with Serenity. I'm expecting it to end up somewhere between a high-7 or low-8 in the long run.
Robogeek, I actually retracted my vote. But come Independent's Day, I'll be making it a 10 again.

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