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August 27 2005

Battlestar Galactica crossover? Someone with eagle eyes has spotted the appearance of a Firefly-class ship during an episode of Galactica. It's an in-joke of course, but the writer of the article then goes on to try and retcon the two series together... [via]

huh, it does kind of look like Serenity.
Zoic does the CGI for both Firefly and BSG. It is a Zoic "in joke/shout out".
I haven't read the article in question, so I'm not sure if this is the appearance it's referring to, but I seem to recall that everyone's favorite Firefly-class transport vessel made a cameo in the pilot of the updated BG miniseries. If that's what this is talking about then it's cool and all, but kinda out of date. *shrug*
You are correct, Haunt, about that cameo.
Yup, definitely mentioned on this site before (the cameo of Serenity that is) but it was fun reading the speculation of how the two shows could do a crossover even though I don't buy it. It was just a fun nod to Firefly from Zoic and I love that they did that.
Sorry, didn't remember previous mentions ...
That's old news. It's in the mini-series right? I don't think it's Serenity in particular, it's probably just another Firefly class ship. Cause I just don't like the idea of our BDH being blown to pieces by the Cylons.

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Feelinglistless, the fact that a Firefly ship was shown in a scene from BSG was mentioned before but this article was not. I think it's a good post and a fun to speculate if it would be possible for there ever to be a crossover connection for real on the show.
The story is certainly out of date (I believe it was initially reported just after the BSG miniseries premiered, back in 2003). But apparently now everybody is catching on thanks to this one web page. (I've seen at least three different web sites either about Whedonverse stuff or TV crossover stuff link to the site in the last few weeks.)

In any case, the crossover is possible, but not yet definite. On the site, the way to connect the shows revolves around the Galactica's ability to reach pre-Serenity-era Earth and for the humans from the Twelve Colonies to actually successfully integrate into Earth's population, and also bring along Twelve Colonies tech. BSG's writers have thus far proven themselves to be talented and unpredictable, so it wouldn't surprise me at all if when the current BSG series ends, they still haven't made it to Earth, or there's a twist involved that renders the crossover impossible.
I also recall seeing a ship among the BSG fleet clearly TNG Enterprise in style. It's not surprising; Ron Moore was a long-time Trek writer and long-time science fiction fan.
Maybe there were still a few of the FF class ships hanging around? Just not 'our' one?
(OK please note, I only caught the first few eps of BG and have no idea about possibilities and the like)
Yes, Ron wrote some of my fave DS9 eps and his BSG stuff is phenomenal. ZOIC love to make witht he references :)
I mentioned the Serenity appearance in the BG pilot about 6 months ago on this board.
Nola64, this post isn't about Serenity appearing in BSG, it's about how this person retconned the two series together. Read the article, it's funny.
Maybe there were still a few of the FF class ships hanging around? Just not 'our' one?

I'm pretty sure that there are models of Firefly out there in the 'verse, just that its an older model so it's harder to find.

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