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August 28 2005

Tru Calling begins next week in France. On the M6 channel (a regular, not cable, channel).

The french title of the series is "Tru Calling: compte a rebours" ("Tru Calling: countdown"). As noticed wednesday by Alanna_Wolff, movies french titles are quite often made up by taking the english title and adding a taglines/subtitles to it. You can see that series follow the same pattern (in fact, I think it dates from X-files).

Goodluck, France. Just pray for Season 2 to come quickly enough.
Actually the naming pattern is older than that and concerning 'The X-Files' at first, it didn't even have the actual 'X-Files' thing in the title, it was just called 'Aux frontières du réel' ('At the frontiers of reality'), then it was 'X-Files: Aux frontières du réel', and finally it was known as 'The X-Files'. THis naming habit is a pain in the bottocks, really, because sometimes, they re-invent english titles, latest example is : the movie "Guess Who", became "Black/White", or one of my favorites, remember "Cruel Intentions", in France it's knon as "Sexe Intentions" which actually is in French, ('Sexe' has an 'e'), but everybody is saying it with their (poor) English accent.
Yes, pir2. I didn't want to detail my X-files references, but I had in mind exactly what you explain, and I guess they go from "Aux Frontieres du Reel" (="At the boundary of the real", I guess...) to "X-files: aux frontieres du reel" because the series became a worldwide success and they had to make sure french viewers understand that "Aux frontieres du reel" was "X files".

But when I say that the "subtitle" thing dates from X files, I am refering to the fact that before this X-files title story, I can't remember any english TV show before X-files whose title was the english title + a french subtitle.
Goodluck, France. Just pray for Season 2 to come quickly enough.

How could it come? As I recall, it is not complete and has been cancelled...
Le Comite, there are 6 more episodes after season one. The U.S. and the U.K. got them on DVD.
Thanks, electricspacegirl.

Le Comite, those are the ONLY 6 episodes worth watching. Believe me. Well, maybe the season finale of the first season was pretty good.

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