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August 28 2005

EW's Checking In: '90s Stars features Tony Head.

''On one trip home my youngest daughter, Daisy, looked at me and said, 'Wow, you've been away almost half my life,''' says Head.

That's so sad :(
That is sad. And it's probably what triggered the decision to leave Buffy and only be a reoccuring character.

During the filming of True Horror his camera crew got kidnapped? Wow, I have to see this show! I want to buy DVDs. It sounds really spooky.
Better yet...they should show the series here in the US
Yep, Tony told about his experiences with the filming of that True Horror episode at a dutch convention I went to last year. It sounded like a pretty scary experience. I have to admit to totally missing 'True Horror' the first time round, though, so I'm hoping to possibly catch it in reruns.

Oh, and I agree, that comment from his daughter is heartbreaking. I know I'd start finding work closer to home straight away if something like that happened, so yes, I suppose it is that comment that triggered his leaving Buffy. And rightly so, however sad I was to see him go from regular to recurring.
Yes, impalergeneral, but I still want to buy the DVDs. Region 1 please.
I wonder if Daisy’s comment and ASH’s choice to reduce his involvement with “Buffy” influenced cast mate James Marsters' decision to accept long-term work only on the west coast where he’s close to his son. Both actors are among my personal favorites for many reasons, not the least of which is their dedication to their families. Very cool!
So has anyone seen this show Little Britain? Is it any good? I notice once in a while that an episode is airing on BBC-America but I haven't gotten around to watching any.
They showed True Horrors over here in the Discovery Channel a few months back.

The show's interesting and it's reminded me how much I missed seeing Tony Head in the screen, but I didn't think it was very exhaustive. It wasn't very scary either, except for the one mentioned above. It was in Haiti, and they were tracking Zombies, and there was civil unrest in the country at the time. Add in the really spooky atmosphere and the whole tracking a voodoo priest to raise a Zombie thing and the "black magic mafia" vibe ... brrrr.

I've seen Little Britain, it's a pretty funny satirical view of Britain. Tony isn't in it much, though. Only a short clip or two per episode.
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