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August 28 2005

Sept issue of Empire to include Firefly/Serenity DVD! The DVD includes an episode of the series (!), trailers, stills, and a feature on the STARFURY convention.

The magazine itself also includes a feature interview with The Joss, and it hits the stands on the 7th.

This is the Australian version of Empire. No word on whether the same thing could be happening for the U.K. version.

Oh my God! Suffice to say, "I'm gonna go broke." I think it's time that I start looking for a second job.
I can't find the "next month" page of the new issue of Empire UK (196, King Kong cover) so I have no idea if we'll get something like this. I suspect they woulda mentioned it.

Did they say box set of angel?? Show me the link that confirms this! :D
Every once and a while the pendulum swings the other way and it's good to be an Aussie :)
They say "trailers for the boxed sets of Buffy and Angel" so given the plural it's not necessarily anything new - could be just the (2 boxes per season) boxes that are already out.
Yes exciting. Nice to see the board up and running again. read here
That felt worse than the Great Whedonesque Blackout.
Oh trust me, that was a mighty troublsome weekend.
Only Australia! Still, great marketing idea. Shiny!
Every once and a while the pendulum swings the other way

First Spangel, then Spex, and now the pendulum?
Wondering which episode they'll be putting on the disc.
It's a hard choice really. I don't think it's going to be the true pilot, and I kinda hope they don't put The Train Job on there. I'm hoping mostly for either, Our Mrs Reynold, Out of Gas or Objects in Space.
And yes Zoic_Fan, it's a good time to be Ozzie.
(what with the whole 36 hours before the US and all;))
Well, I'm mighty envious (and trying to figure out how to snag a copy of Australian Empire . . .).

It is a good time to be Ozzie/Aussie. Unless you're a cricket fan of course . . . ;)
I think the best choice would be either Serenity or Objects in Space. Out of Gas is a great episode, but it relies on a lot of knowledge of the characters. I don't think it's a good introduction ep. Our Mrs. Reynolds, though, is probably the episode that had me hooked. But Objects in Space (my favorite episode) makes a lot more sense.
Heh heh, and, I'll get you a copy SNT.
(any other mods want one?)
Cricket - tee hee - as a Brit in Oz this is a good moment to put aside my general lack of interest to ask innocently 'so how is the cricket going?'
Purplehaze - you are a mean mean mean sod. Why is it the poms always pretend they have no interest in cricket unless they're winning? :-) So many brits I know go on about how cricket's not that big and everyone's all about the soccer... till the poms start winning! Plus how many LBWs can one umpire give? :-)

End of off topic.
nixy! I'm not a mod, but I want one! Will you snag one for me too?
Willowy, ask Caroline to make you an acting, temporary, limited-time-only mod, just long enough to qualify for nixygirl's offer, plus you could be blue for a while.
I want one too, Nixy. You can't make offers to one and exclude the rest of us. ;)
Surely there are stores in the U.S. that import international magazines? I know Borders (here) does. And a lot of pop culture and comic book shops do.
jlv, It's pretty, for certain. And the people that ARE blue? Pretty spiffy in my book, but hmmm. Think I've had my "blue period" this past year.

I just want that mag, man! ;)

The First Weevil, my local newstand, which was great, located in this old, really historic building, closed down after B&N opened up here 2 years ago. A real loss to the community, that was. They carried obscure, interesting stuff along with the mainstream. They just couldn't compete with the big dog.
Heh heh, I was just thinking about that on my way home. OK, I can do it. But, I'll have to work out postage and stuff. Which I'll do this week.
I may get inundated with requests so, I'm gonna keep the numbers down a bit.
So those of you who are interested, and really, I'm only talking to regular posters here, msg me at Flickr.
Or maybe we could see if you can order the mags online?
Yikes, that looks like an amazing package! Anyone know of an online retailer selling this? Here in The Netherlands we get the UK Edition of the magazine...
The official website seems to require a 12 month subscription for online international orders; 3 months minimum for Australia nd 6 for NZ (if you're not going to get it at the newsagents/bookstore).
That is a nice package, congrats to our Aussie friends.

Hopefully, the special disc in the soon to be released BSG dvd set will include some of this. And I seem to recall that they were going to include some con events as one of the extras on the 'Serenity' DVD so we aren't being left out. And don't forget the upcoming Sci-Fi special.
I just want that mag, man! ;)

Willowy, here he is.
Purplehaze - you are a mean mean mean sod. Why is it the poms always pretend they have no interest in cricket unless they're winning? :-)

They're not pretending then. They're pretending to care about cricket (or rugby, or athletics) when they are winning... :D
So when will we know if the UK or US editions of Empire will feature something similar? Do the magazines usually feature completely different content or do they use the same interviews and stuff? This sounds like a really nice collectable, and the interview with Joss in the magazine makes it even more desirable.

I think it would be best to put "Serenity" on the DVD, although it is a double length episode so I'm not sure. But in terms of introducing new viewers I really think it does the best job. Screening "The Train Job" first was one of Fox's many, diastrous Firefly mistakes.

"Serenity" is actually one of my favourite episodes, because it feels really like an introduction to the series, and it has a more leisurely pace than any other episode, probably because it is a double length episode. All the characters are introduced slowly and the premise is set up admirably. It really explores the characters and also provides a lot of humour and action.

I think it would be the best episode not only to entertain and inform viewers, but also to set up the premise for the film. Something like "Our Mrs. Reynolds" is best appreciated when you already know the characters well, so the first time I saw it I didn't like it that much, however having seen the whole series I like it much more. The same also goes for "Trash" which references "Our Mrs Reynolds" frequently, and the same goes for other episodes like "Out of Gas" which have a greater emotional resonance for long-term viewers.
Well said, Razor, I bet you're correct that 'Serenity' will be on this disc. For us whom have viewed the entire series, of course we'll be partial to such favorites as 'Out of Gas' or 'Objects in Space'. But 'Serenity' would be the best episode as an introduction to the series. Funny, I sensed Joss had that same discussion with Fox. Wonder why they couldn't understand such a reasonable point.
Yep, it should most definately be 'Serenity', but a double-length episode? I'm not sure. They may have to pay more to actually pot those on the disc (unless Fox and Universal are working together in promoting Serenity?). My big fear is that it'll turn out to be 'The Train Job', which I can appreciate now that I'm a full-fledged browncoat and love all the characters, but which almost turned me of the series in the first place.
I think "Out of Gas" is a good intro ep for non-fans, although fans would obviously appreciate it much more. But it's told in such a way that non-fans can easily understand it all, and how the characters came to be. It would be a better intro ep than The Train Job or Our Mrs. Reynolds by far. I didn't care for OMR until I understood the series as a whole (of course I love it now but you know).
nixygirl, I'd be happy to help send out some copies if I can get my hands on them at the newsagents come September.
Awesome Crypto. So now we just need to see who wants one.
Why discount 'Serenity' because it's a double-length episode? And I suspect 20th Century Fox and Universal already have a deal worked out in promoting 'Serenity' in seeing that Fox is allowing 'Firefly' to air on Sci-Fi channel. It's a win-win situation for both of them. Fox will profit in the increase sales of the 'Firefly' DVD and Universal is getting their movie promoted.
Yep. Then again, selling the rights for a show to get aired on another channel is very common. And just because it makes sense for Fox and Universal to work together, doesn't necessarily mean they are.

Here in Holland, for instance, we tried to get Fox to release the DVD set, but Fox Netherlands won't do it(people get it as a UK import), even with the movie hitting the big multiplexes in about a month's time, probably because they feel the effect from the movie won't be a big enough factor in sales.
Well, it's more than another channel. Universal is an owner of Sci-Fi. Sorry, I should have included that in the post above. I'm starting to lose track of which stations go where as well. I didn't realize UPN was a part of CBS until recently.
You know what would be really mean? If they included the first HALF of "Serenity". Leave those new Browncoats hanging after Mal's "Huh." That would be complete torture.
brownishcoat, I doubt even Fox could be so cruel.

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