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August 29 2005

Summer and Nathan will attend Dutch premiere of Serenity in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on September 6.

We already knew about Summer, but Nathan's just been added to the bill.

And I got lucky. I was on the waiting list for a ticket to this premiere and United Pictures have made a few more seats available to fans. Huzzah!

Thanks to Andrea for the info.

Congrats, Caroline. We were very lucky to get those extra tickets and I'm glad you got to benefit from 'em. Our local UIP is a pretty good place, if you ask me.

I am very much looking forward to this premiere (I can't stop bouncing up and down most of the time).
I'm just very excited to see the film again, never mind the stars attending!
LOL... I just had a visual of a tagline on a Serenity poster: "Can't Stop the Bouncing!"

See where my head is at these days?

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I'm excited about seeing the movie again, sure, who wouldn't be, especially in the context of a big official premiere, but i'm also looking forward to meeting Nathan and Summer. I'm gonna see Serenity quite a few times when all is said and done, but meeting Nathan and Summer might just be a one-time thing.

Ah well, who am I kidding, it's the whole package really: big premiere, big damn movie *and* Summer and Nathan.

m'cookies: LOL 'Can't Stop the Bouncing'! That sounds kinda... wrong ...somehow.
By the way, Nathan Fillion is also confirmed for the French screening... :)
I'm praying my Whedonesque t-shirts arrive in time, so I can wear one to the premiere.
Congrats, Caroline.

Im also excited for both stars and movie .. since here in Germany probably both will be hard to get by.. and i already cringe thinking of the german dubbing ...
No chance of getting a ticket to the premiere now, huh? oh well, this is still pretty cool
Are you a member at the dutch forum over wat, Lord_Magneto? We're still working with a waiting list, and although it's unlikely that we'll be getting more tickets from UIP to hand out to forummembers, it was unlikely that we'd get more tickets after the initial 20 as well, but still we got 10 more yesterday. So you never know.
And, yep, we do have a couple of extra tickets again. It kinda feels like christmas. More info on how to obtain them on the forum. They're likely to go fast.

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