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August 30 2005

David Boreanaz To Star In New "Trek"? According to "CanMag" David could be in the running for a part in the Star Trek prequel movie that's in production.

The prospect of another prequel doesn't get me that excited, took 2 years before Enterprise became consistently watchable.

We received a rumour via e-mail earlier this week, stating that David had tested out for Star Trek 11.
I thought the writer (whatshisface) only just handed the script in to Paramount? Isn't it a bit too early for a screen test?
Ugh, more prequels. Wonder what kind of role David has tested out for...
I think that Paramount are looking to get this project made as quickly as possible. It is meant to be something of a do or die situation for the Trek franchise. They are supposedly hoping this will be what it takes to get the fans back and if this bombs then that will be the final nail in the coffin as far as the Paramount execs are concerned.

Can't help but wonder if some of them at Paramount actually want this to fail so that they have all the excuse they need to tell the fans that Trek is over. Guess we will have to wait and see.
I love Trek but I am not too optimistic aout his idea. I want the universe to move FORWARD. I hate this filling in of the gaps of an established universe. Boreanez would be good though
I smell a big fat BS peeps. You don't screen test for a film not greenlit for production.

Paramount want Star Trek to die for the while as much as most fans do.

They will keep the script in limbo until Berman's contract expires, and then they'll revamp (no pun) the whole thing with new blood.

Boreanaz would most likely hate to be typecast as a Trek character, as much as he would a Vampire.
Still, it's not like he isn't used to spending a while in the makeup chair and appearing on film with a bumpy prosthetic forehead...
DB as a Klingon? Stranger things have happened! :)

Having just asked a couple of friends who are much more Trek inclined than i am it seems to me that this DB rumour is nothing more than that. From what they understand there has been no suggestion of casting at this point, David or otherwise.
Anyone else getting an image of DB doing a Star Trek convention and JM being in the line for an autograph. With the ears. :0D

I'll wait for more concrete info before getting excited.
TrekWeb mentions the prequel, which at the moment is just a first draft. Until Paramount actually greenlights it and hires a director, I think it is much too early to speculate on casting. As a first draft, whole characters can be added or written out before they even think about who to cast.
LOL, this is too funny! DB as a Klingon? He'd be hilarious, but I doubt that's what the Paramount PTB are going for. The Trek franchise has been a pretty sad enterprise (no pun intended) these last few years, such a waste.
They need to give it a rest so that anticipation can build up again.
I thought they were going to give Star Trek a rest for a while. That seems like the best plan. Bring it back in ten years or so. But don't do prequels, MOVE FORWARD. I feel sorry for the Trek fans.
Boreanaz? In Trek? No. Oh, please, no.

What Trek NEEDS is a ten-year hiatus, followed by a show headlined by a Shakespearean actor. (Note that when one sat in the Captain's chair...Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks...Trek hit its zenith of storytelling and quality.) What Trek doesn't need is an ill-conceived flick rushed into production and headlined by Angel.

As much a fan of DB's show as I am, this just ain't right.
No more prequels! But I'm happy for DB.
I haven't read one good thing about this prequel but if it brings more exposure for David then fair play to him.
I always found David at his best when there was an opportynity for self-irony. Star Treks have a serious lack of that (I've not seen the latest incarnations, though) or then you can watch the whole thing as a big goofy 'hey guys, we're doing Star Trek'-situation. I want him a big role as a really incompetent starship captain. So that the seriousness of the franchise wouldn't drag him to be rembered as a guy with issues, frown and a forehead. He shall frown and doubt, but not big moral questions anymore, but like how to turn left with this thing.
What Trek NEEDS is a ten-year hiatus, followed by a show headlined by a Shakespearean actor. (Note that when one sat in the Captain's chair...Patrick Stewart, Avery Brooks...Trek hit its zenith of storytelling and quality.)

Don't forget Shatner! :)

I agree 100%. Trek has been stretched painfully thin and a new movie now will only make it worse. It makes me rather sad, really. This is all doing a disservice to the legacy of the good Trek shows.

It would be cool to see Boreanaz in Trek, but I'm seriously tired of prequels.

For the love of Kobol, why can't we move FORWARDS? There's a lot of potential for post-DS9/VOY stories, and IMHO that's where all the interesting questions are.

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