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August 30 2005

Charisma and Seth relate their greatest concert experience at's 'Tribute to the Greatest Concerts'. Windows media required.

Always nice to see familiar faces :)
First time I've seen Rob Thomas, creator of Veronica Mars. They call VM "the new Buffy" (and of course, Joss came here to heap praise on it), and I think maybe Rob is "the new Joss". Not trying to start any blasphemous rumors (Joss, youdaman), but Rob seems to have some of the same quick effortless wit in person (stay tuned to the very end of the clip).
I liked Charisma's story about her son's first concert when she was pregnant. :)

And Seth seemed happy to be on stage with The White Stripes, one of my favourite bands, which makes him even cooler to me. :)
I hate WMP and I hate dial up. I can listen to this but I have no idea who is speaking and I have only now do I know who was doing the testing of the mic at the end. Why can't every site put their clips up for dowload instead of streaming video. Not everyone has high speed!

/end rant
anyone feel like throwing in their own "greatest concert experiences?" I think mine would have to be Aimee Mann in July at the Boston Orpheum Theatre. Three standing ovations and 2 encores. That's all I have to say :)
Roxy Music, July 4, at the Olympiahalle in Munich, with my little English girlfriend Caroline and me managing to thet right up front against the stage.

Or, the Psychedelic Furs, in College Park, Maryland, September 1981, when they had to replay songs because they'd already played everything they'd already recorded (2 albums).

No, Roxy.
Five years ago I saw Sleater-Kinney 2 nights in a row, right up on stage the second night, which was a much smaller venue. If you like S-K, they ROCK on stage. They have so much energy. Before Buffy I was a big S-K fangirl and that was my best concert experience. Haven't seen a lot of concerts, but that's my best one.

Can we talk about worst concert experiences? Because my worst involved NYC, The Grateful Dead, and a really bad tab of acid. On second thought, I'd rather stick to the happy memories. :)
From my youth, the Great Western Pop Festival in Lincoln during the Spring bank holiday of May 1972. It was the first festival I ever attended (one of my sisters took care of me) and it changed my life. The highlight had to be the Beach Boys, then at the absolute peak of their powers as a live band (check out the mighty 'Beach Boys in Concert' album).

More recently, I'd go for Cracker at the Borderline in London last year. There can't have been many more than a hundred people there and the band just rocked on a mind-blowing scale. And they did 'Happy Birthday to Me', one of my favourite David Lowery songs. Quite simply, it made me feel like a teenager again - and I got very drunk.

ESG, I love Sleater-Kinney! 'All Hands On The Bad One' is a fantastic album.

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Well, don't know about all-time, but this year I've seen some cracking shows: Rilo Kiley twice, at the Wiltern and the Sunset Junction Street Fair; Bright Eyes at the Orpheum, culminating in a great performance of Road to Joy that made me want to go out and buy an electric guitar; Wilco at the Greek Theatre, and Beck at the O.C. Fair. People sometimes talk about the death of pop music, or some such farrago, but from where I'm sitting it's doing very nicely thank you. :)
Sleater-kinney would be among my favorite concert experiences too, ESG i saw them at a small venue in Boston a number of years ago, and they're such a fabulous live band (good on their albums too).
A few other top concerts: Ani DiFranco in the mid-90s, before she started selling out big venues, and later at Red Rocks in Colorado (a truly gorgeous setting for any concert), Nickel Creek and Greg Brown at the Somerville Theater (one of my favorite venues), and Dar Williams when she played to a tiny group on a lawn at my college. I like big concerts too, but I'm a big fan of the smaller ones....
Dashboardprophet, my favorite song from that album is Ironclad, which I just listened to again last nght for the first time in forever, and it was as awesome as ever. Haven't heard their latest album, but I hear it's very different. S-K live in my town, btw. Some of my friends have had Carrie or Corin sightings, but I've never been that lucky. ;)
I'm old.

Really old....
CinV, maybe you are, but Roxy and Psychedelic Furs? You've got bloody great taste in music.

ESG, it has to be '#1 Must Have' for me, or maybe 'You're No Rock & Roll Fun'.
Favorite recent show, Electrelane, hands down. The amount of energy and power coming off the stage was staggering at times.

Favorite show ever is a tie between the 'Fumbling towards ecstacy' Sarah Mclachlan tour and a folk band I did audio for and briefly toured with in the '90s. There was one night that was pure magic, an attentive audience, good room and some truly moving music.
Damn, that's a tough one. Guess I'm gonna have to go for the Reading festival '99 Sunday. Lit, Backyard Babies, Buckcherry, Feeder, Silverchair, Terrorvision, The Offspring, The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It was almost a who's who of my favourite bands at the time and that way I don't actually have to pick an individual gig as I've been to way too many to chose from (something like 250)
Nirvana supported by The Breeders and Teenage Fanclub would probably be my favourite ever gig. That was in Belfast back in 1992. Sonic Youth supported by Pavement comes a very close second.

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