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August 30 2005

(SPOILER) The Gang's All Here with Angel: Old Friends. The official IDW press release about the next mini series starting in November.

This time around, Angel is lured back to Los Angeles to bring an end to a string of brutal, yet strangely familiar and vampiric slayings. The case will reunite Angel–the vampire with a soul–with old friends and old enemies… but some of the roles have changed.

Hmmm, sounds interesting. Wonder if the "roles changing" thing has anything to do with a certain ancient, smurf coloured, Burkle inhabiting demon we are familiar with. I wouldn't put it passed her to switch sides again now that Wesley, her main tie to the human world, is gone.
Since watching ATS: Season 5 again, I've always thought it'd be interesting if Queen Smurf brought Wesley back. Interesting because of how it would make Wesley feel - the 'disease' which killed Fred brings him back. That's how I'd play it anyway.
Angel: The Curse is pretty bad. As much as I'd like to find out what happened in that alley, I may be skipping this one.
I agree, MattM, about The Curse, but I just gotta know what happened in that alley. And I also wanna find out how Illyria got suddenly voluptuous! :~P
Yeah, The Curse is kinda underwhelming, I think... will pick up the Spike one-shot (screwup with distribution so don't have it yet), and looking forward to this one. Hope its worth the wait.
I find The Curse OK. A bit drawn out....and do we really wnat to see Angel fighting Rumanian "war lords"??!!
It is OK, and I will definetly read this book too.

Most of the time whan a fictional character(s) are moved from one media form to another...things are not the same. I do like the X-Men movies but are they the same as the comic. I do not think so. Are Star Wars boos and films teh same...nope.
This sounds interesting.
I have not read The Curse, but all that I read are bad reviews, and this one will have the same crew behind, so I don't know if I must be afraid.
Yeah Rogue Slayer. I did notice that Illyria has gotten quite, "developed." I LOVE IT!!!
Maybe growing big boobs is one of Illyria's super powers? I'm glad she's in the comic though.

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Maybe, if we're lucky, something will actually happen in the new miniseries.

I will be buying the Old Friends series, despite how yawnworthy the current series is. It's hard to believe Joss had any involvement with these at all! But most of the fun with Angel came with the entire cast, so I do have a smidgen more hope for the new ones.

And I also wanna find out how Illyria got suddenly voluptuous!

Yeah right?! To me, that's a sign of a mediocre comic artist. All the women have big boobs and their faces look essentially the same.

My reactions to the comic covers:
1. Illyria! Yaaaay!!!
2. ... huh... something's different...
3. Oy.
4. ::scrolls down to next pic of blood-soaked Angel::
5. Daaamn!
I really think that Illyria picture is awful. The likeness to the actors isn't perfect, but it's fair, and you could definitely tell what character they are supposed to represent, but since when does Illyria have giant boobs and such emphasis on her ass? They've managed to do the impossible and completely demean one of Joss's female characters, making her look exactly like every other stupid, slutty looking comic book character.
Hey! I like those every other stupid, slutty looking comic book character girls. And I just LOVE Illyria's ass in that picture. Best cover ever in my opinion.

I'm sorry. I'm just a giant horndog. In other words, your typical male.
Who else rekon Spikes gone bad in this one???
Seems to read that way to me.
I just read the second issue of The Curse last weekend. It's just ok.

I do understand people bad talking a lot of Dark Horse stuff, but even though they published a lot really crappy books, they did publish a lot of great stuff either. And I'm not talking about the ones Joss wrote.

This Curse mini series, hasn't come close, to some good stories that Chris Golden and Tom Sniegoski did for the old DH Angel monthly, it was quite enjoyable.
"Who else rekon Spikes gone bad in this one???
Seems to read that way to me.
nixygirl | August 31, 01:40 CET "

All we know is that Illyria, Spike and "parts" of Gunn are in this series too. Maybe the "part" of Gunn is actually a vampire Gunn. We've seen Angel sire while souled before, it could happen again. Actually that would be a fascinating idea to take forward. Dayum I'm good! LOL! ;0)
Hmm, I would hope Angel wouldn't turn Gunn. I'm pretty sure, given his history, he wouldn't want that.
Who else rekon Spikes gone bad in this one???

Good god, I hope not.

Maybe the "part" of Gunn is actually a vampire Gunn.

I can't imagine that. He turned the other guy to save the lives of everyone on board that ship. And, aside from saving the ship, that turned out pretty badly.

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