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August 30 2005

From Point Pleasant to Fox River State Penitentiary: Prison Break. No, not a show about Faith breaking out of prison, but a new Fox show that had its premiere last night. Whedon connection? Marti Noxon is the Consulting Producer.

The two hour premiere will re-air again on Thursday at 8/7c.

I didn't realize she was producing until I saw the credits (and I almost missed her name). I was surprised I hadn't read it here first.

Edited to add: I wonder if she had anything to do with naming a character "Tim Giles"? Probably not, but a funny question!

Also, Wade Williams (prison guard - regular) played General Gregor in Buffy S5 (Spiral).

Also, is it just me, or does Wentworth Miller have a young Adam Baldwin thing going on? It really struck me from certain angles.

I enjoyed the show, by the way. Interesting premise, and I love Dominic Purcell. I was sad when "John Doe" got cancelled.

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Wentworth Miller also played Gage Petronzy (Go Fish) on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
I didn't even know it was on. Was it worth the cancellation of The Inside?
Gage from Go Fish?!?? (smacks forehead) I KNEW he was familiar!

I'm pretty sure "Prison Break" was in regardless of how well "The Inside" performed. From what I have read, Fox is expecting it to keep 24's seat warm until it premieres in January.
I just wanted to note that a rerun of the pilot will air on Thursday, sept. 1st. Check your TV listings.

I had no idea this was premiering so early. I haven't watched TV since The Inside got cancelled. If I don't get into the Serenity press screening on Thursday, Prison Break will be my consolation prize.

Also, I was seeing trailers for this show before The Inside even began airing. It's been on their sched for a while (yes, I said sched. I've been reading to many Variety articles).
brownishcoat, I recognized the guy too, but not from 'Go Fish' (although I really should have). I only noticed it today, but he was in Mariah Carey's video's for "It's Like That" and "We Belong Together"! That was why his face kept on nagging in my brain!
Thanks, Apocalypse.

Glad to know I'm not the only one afflicted by this condition!

Maybe we should start a support group?
Well I think I need help if I sunk as low as to watch Mariah Carey!

We should name the Support Group: "Whedonesque's Woes!"...or something better.
Well I think I need help if I sunk as low as to watch Mariah Carey!

And then posted about it.

FYI, the concepts for Tru Calling, Point Pleasant and Prison Break were all created by Dawn Parouse, who's becoming Fox's favorite up and coming producers. She and Marti Noxon became best buddies working on Still Life. Dawn is a huge Buffy fan, btw.
I watched this last night with high hopes, given all the great reviews I'd seen, but was ultimately really disappointed. I posted all my thoughts on the flckr thread, but mostly I found it really cliched and obvious. Basically, it comes down to the fact that the Whedonverse - and a few great HBO shows have ruined standard TV for me. My expectations are too high.
At least it means less TV temptations!
Wentworth Miller was also on the last few episodes of Joan of Arcadia (I keep forgetting that he was on Buffy, I swear I have memory problems).

ETA: I hadn't known that Marti was working on the show either. It's getting harder and harder to keep track of everyone.

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Wentworth Miller was also the young Anthony Hopkins in The Human Stain. I think he's supposed to be black? Or he is black? Something bizarre like that.

And I know this show was in before The Inside got the ax. I think a lot of people feel the same way I do though, since there are too few shows out there better or smarter than The Inside was.
The show's not bad... just something to keep in the background as noise, I guess. I'm always a sucker for anything shot in Chicago.
Wentworth Miller doesn't look African-American, except maybe his nose. IMDB says he is of African-American, Jamaican, English, German, French, Dutch, Syrian and Lebanese descents. I've heard that if you have any African blood in you, technically you are considered black. My ex-boyfriend (who was black) told me this.

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Had to chuckle at this thread. I'm in LA for a meeting today, and last night at the hotel, I saw her name pop up and wondered if I had missed something on W. I see something just snuck by us.

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