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August 30 2005

Another Mutant Enemy related cast linked to Justice League Unlimited. Giselle Loren the voice of Buffy in both BtVS games will provide the voice of Stargirl in JLU's new season which debuts in September 17th.

Giselle was also rumored as the voice of Buffy for the Buffy, Animated Series, which never came to fruition.

JLU producers continue to show their love for previous ME show cast members.

Click here for an upcoming episodes schedule.

It was announced here that Daniel Dae Kim, will also be voicing a non-asian character in the new season.

Justice League Unlimited has already featured the following ME actors in the following roles:
Just updating:
Gina Torres as Vixen
Amy Acker as Huntress
Morena Baccarin as Black Canary
Nathan Fillion as Vigilante
Adam Baldwin as Bonk / Jonah Hex
Armin Shimerman as Dr. Milo
Juliet Landau as Tala / Plastique

I really wanted to see BtAS. Maybe theres still a chance.

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