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February 04 2003

Paul Krugman, NYT columnist and leading economist (NYT link, reg.req) loves Firefly. In this piece on America's space program, he writes: "Like millions of other Americans, I dream of a day when humanity expands beyond Earth, and I'm still a sucker for well-told space travel stories I was furious when Fox canceled "Firefly.""

Good article and there was a post at the Buffy Cross and Stake which said that a Firefly DVD will be released by the end of the year.
Huhwhatwhere? Who was it that said there'd be a Firefly DVD?
Eliza_do said it in a post at the Buffy Cross and Stake Spoiler Board . But her post is very spoilery about the BtVS finale and a potential spin off (so be warned). I'll re post what she said about the DVD (if you're spoiler free for BtVS)

"a different source has assured me that FIREFLY will find its way to DVD by year's end....ALL episodes will be included".

I have no idea how reliable this poster is btw.

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