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August 30 2005

Cartoon Spike and the gang. Remember the eleven pounds Dracula owes Spike? Here's an explanation.

More extremely talented work from the LJ community, a cartoon which explains a question from S5 of Buffy. The result of a collaboration between two very talented people, and very funny. Also check out the "hardcoretoon porn" here. Possibly nsfw.

ETA: Second part of the cartoon is now also here.

OMG! Hilarious, and so cute. Can't wait til the second part. But wait... how did Spike buy Miss Edith for Dru if he didn't get the eleven pounds from Drac?
He must have had some money spare which he'd been keeping for cigs...

And the new title's clearer than "cartoon explanation", which I guessed would be about Buffy Animated - explaining why it still ain't gorram here!
Cute was the first word that sprang to my fingers, too, but also clever and well done. I hope someone posts the followup as I'll forget to check. Wonder how long it took to make?
I assumed he bought Miss Edith in anticipation of the 11 pounds.
Ah, okay. Don't know why I didn't think of that. He's a vampire, I guess he really didn't need the eleven pounds in the first place...
Yes, I'm now hearing him ask Harmony: "You PAID for it?"
Oh, wow! I'm so honored. :) Yes. I did figure that Spike nicked Miss Edith, and was just bragging about paying for her to make the story better. Spike? Pay 11 pounds for a doll when he can steal it? No way.

There's a part 2. ::bows at the feet of the awesome illustrator awmp::
Oh, that porn cartoon is so funny. You know that's EXACTLY all Spike wants to hear. Heehee.
Loved how Drac kept popping in in part 2. These are so frickin' CUTE!

Giles: "Did your bosom just heave?" Ha!!

Even though we know he'd never say that in a million. Still, too funny.

These are too fabulous!

"Summer of Spike." Hrm. I really picked the wrong time to drop out of LJ world. *sigh*
Thanks to the mod who tidied up the title. It was after 2 am when I posted and my brain was already in bed....

I felt these were too wonderful not to share. (My first link!)
That was great! Loved Giles' part about the three sisters.
lol, that is awesome. Please make more :)
Drac, Spike's and Gile's sidelong glances at the mention of oil and wrassling - brilliant stuff.
Damn this is so cute and funny too...and you just know that this is really what happened. Love Buffy staking Drac and he just keeps coming back...and coming back...heee. So Spike can put both Buffy and Giles in thrall????Hmmmmmmm??? Anyway...why does it look like Buffy is carrying around a chocolate stake???

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