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August 31 2005

Promotional Smallville poster featuring James Marsters. First picture of James in character (sort of) to emerge.

Clark has facial hair now?! Maybe its just TW.
They're really pushing James. I seem to remember back when John Byrne did the revamp of Superman back in the late 80s, Supes shaved by using his heat vision on a piece of the rocket ship that he came to Earth on.
[total James fangirl mode]

OMG he looks so hot! Squeeeee!

[/total james fangirl mode]

Yup. Looking forward to this. Despite the hairy Clark.

O-kee doke. *sigh*


Nope, sorry. Cannot watch Smallville. So sorry James. Love you, love your mad skills.

The show just fucking sucks. I. just. can't. do it. I can't justify taking time away from my family to support this show "all 'a' sudden" just because the best actor to come out of the 'verse (except for ASH) has a role.

*shakes head*
I think the tagline should be: Just what Smallville needs...A touch of Sunnydale...
Gahhh! Rogue! You made my heart jump! What a cool tagline!

Of course, like we were talking about before, the proprietary jerks would never let that happen.
Rogue Slayer, that tagline seriously kicks fifty forms of booty! I love it!
RS--I thought the exact same thing!
I used to watch this show - thought it had potential and loved the Luthers. But Clark and Lana - gag-gag-gag-gag!! I just don't know if I can deal with the two of them yet again gazing into each others eyes for the 50 millionth time!!! But for James maybe I can check it out. Maybe between him, Lex and Lionel I can stand it!
James looks good. He looks like professor. I'll watch if it doesn't conflict with anything else I want to watch. It probably does though. Btw, I think Tom looks better with the facial hair.

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Well, the tagline is only natural, since the poster did remind me of the Angel poster with the similar tag line. Two faces in blackness...that's popular, isn't it??
But Clark and Lana - gag-gag-gag-gag!!

Yup. They are painfully annoying. I swear I read something about the producers last year saying that they wanted to get away from that pairing... saying it was getting "boring." And yet, there they were again. Ugh.

But then there's Lex. And the Clex. And Lionel. And Chloe. And Chloe secretly knowing that Clark has powers. So there's some good.

James looks good. He looks like professor.

Mmm. Reminds me of a certain AU fanfic from a couple years ago.

Btw, I think Tom looks better with the facial hair.

I do too, actually. It's just not very Clark Kent-y.
Just don't mention Spex, Joss' bitch, and Zeitgeist will be fine. ;)
JM looks great. I wish the other guy was Lionel.
James looks great... I just wish I could bring myself to watch him in his new role.
Hey now, where's the love? I managed to watch his episode of The Mountain and I know I wasn't the only one. Now that was some Bad TV! Smallville may not be great, but it doesn't approach the craptasticness of that show.
One could always record it and fast-forward through the non-James parts. ;)

Just don't mention Spex, Joss' bitch, and Zeitgeist will be fine.

Hey now, there's an idea! ;D
This is very cool!

I haven't watched Smallville before, but I will be watching now.
Can't wait!
I watched that episode of The Mountain too! I cringed anytime anyone other than JM spoke, but I was brave and did it!
That movie though? ...Cool Money? Was it just me, or were all the other actors extremely unappetizing? I stuck with it until halfway.

I think Smallville is kind of fluffy fun, and just look away and hit the mute button when Lana gets near Clark. Lois Lane is a hoot.
Yeah, Lois Lane is great. Like a smarter Cordelia.
I've been catching up on Smallville ( having studiously avoided it until now) and, to my surprise I'm really rather enjoying it ... Lex is great! I find myself keenly looking forward to season 5 , and that poster sure doesn't hurt!
I think I may have to *squee*...
At SFX this past weekend JM was asked if his coming to Smallville was going to make it any better because it really wasn't a very good show.(!) He was very polite and said that any actor coming to an established show hopes that their presence will improve the show.
I watched The Mountian, I watched Cool Money and I'll watch Smallville. If I find it hard to watch, I'll tape it and fast-forward to James scenes.
DAMN....JAMES LOOKS GREAT. It's almost like the Spike and Angel reverse a bit. I like the hair, even though I am partial to the Spike locks, but hey I will watch James in anything, and pray that he will return as Spike someday soon.

I am getting even more excited about SV now...I really don't think it is that bad a show. Hell it's a lot better than most of the drek on TV today, and now with James and some good writing I hope it gets bumped up a notch. Plus James is excited about doing this I am happy for him. Handsome, handsome man.

Oh, being shallow here ...but TW looks good the facial hair....
Great poster. James is totally gorgeous. Obviously they try to make Clark to look more mature with his facial hair.
"Love you, love your mad skills."

Willowy, I just didn't expect the phrase "mad skills" to come from you. I'm still laughing.

killinj, I agree that after CM and the MOuntain, there is very little I wouldn't do for James.
Nice poster. *thumbs up* Anyone else notice they look like they are wearing the same thing. Pale (possibly pink) shirt and dark jacket. Awww, they're clothes twins. :0)

I've watched episodes of Smallville and Charmed. Guess which one made me want to pluck my eyeballs out with a spork and roast them over a spit to take away the cruddiness? Here's a hint, it wasn't Smallville. Sure it's no Ats or Btvs, but it's not Charmed either.
Didn't notice that Moscow Watcher.
Tom Welling is already older than Brandon Routh, playing a way younger Clark Kent, and they're trying to make him look older?

This promo psoter, reminds me a bit of that promo from season 5 Angel promotion. Yeah, that one, with the "a touch of Sunnydale" tagline.
I watched a bit of Smallville during its first season, when it seemed like it had promise. That promise kept getting less and less... and less.... Sometime around all the angst-y lana-clark interactions that repeated from episode to episode I just stopped. That was several seasons ago. It always seemed like they had an interesting premise but never figured out how to transition from the early Clark to the adult Superman, so they just delved more and more into soap-opera territory. That, and the atrocious dialogue and pretty god-awful acting.
Great for James, great for his exposure, but I won't be watching (despite those pesky Spike dreams that still invade my sleep every now and then... :-) )

At this point, the only Buffy alum shows I'm holding out much hope for are Kitchen Confidential (and I'd LOVE to see Nick land something that was good) and Veronica Mars (if you count CC's guest role).
Absolutely wonderful RogueSlayer!
I will watch James’ episodes and that’s it. I suffered through The Mountain for him which showed that even when everything about him is crap, he still tries to make the most of it and is never less than interesting to watch. Cool Money was better, but still pretty lifeless.
I’ve seen a few previous episodes of Smallville, and I was absolutely bored plus it was way too lightweight and bland for my taste. There was no real dramatic tension—you know Clark will eventually fly about in a pair of tights and Lex will grow up to be Gene Hackman.
Appearance-wise,it's nice to see James looking like a human being.
MySerenity, as I sit here in my 'vote for pedro' shirt. Heh.
I am so excited about James returning to TV!! I used to be an avid smallville fan, tho it was really more for TW's salty bits than anything else ;). It's not a bad show, tho the dialogue is rather crap (except for Lois; she's sassy and has a touch of the Whedon in her) and I would like to watch Lana die slowly by fire ant, but I will definitely be watching. And James looks sexy too, gotta love the older man mystique.
Gotta admit, the most Smallville I've seen is the Zoic TV video clip that showcases their best effects (Firefly stole the goods on that one). On the fence about watching for James (suffered through The Mountain, but Cool Money was OK - which is just WRONG); will probably fall in with the "if nothing else I have to see is on" contingent.

But I'm with Willowy on the "mad skills".
If only this poster didn't have Tom Welling and the word "Smallville" on it, it might be a keeper. Oh well. I'll be busy watching Alias and recording The OC in this time slot, so I'll definitely be skipping this.
My husband and I have an ongoing debate... He says, "I am a lunatic for that guy who plays Spike." My argument is, "No honey. Although I think he is wonderfully talented; I'm a lunatic for the character of Spike."

Um, after seeing this poster I must go in to him and apologize most profusely. Of course, his feelings of superiority may be tempered somewhat by the..."You are correct, dear. I do lust rabidly after James Marsters. So, good on you!"

I hate Smallville. But, I'll be watching it anyway.

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