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August 31 2005

Astonishing X-Men #12 out today. Also out is another reprint of Serenity #1. And while you're at your local comic book shop, pick up the new Wizard magazine which features a Q&A with Joss. And if you didn't already know about it, get a hold of Sci Fi magazine which has Joss in a roundtable discussion with David Goyer and Ron Moore.

So plenty of reading material there, me thinks. According to Dark Horse Serenity #1 has gone to a third print which is a pretty darn good achievement for a comic book. And I think there's a four month gap from the end of the current run of Astonishing X-Men till the new plot arc.

Third printing. Dayumn.

And Wizard's starting Q & A's again. Will wonders never cease.
Dang. Times like these I wish I didn't get that subscription and could go out and buy it today. Instead of waiting the up to two weeks for it to come in the mail.
SciFi also has a nice article called Back in the Saddle about the journey from Firefly to Serenity :) Very cool...
"...the lives of the X-Men will NEVER be the same."

Would you expect anything less from Joss?

Can't wait to get ahold of this! :D
Just out of curiosity for you guys, as in a "Serenity" related information.
Brazilian UIP just released how "Serenity" will me marketed over here.
They included the concept of the second tagline "The Future if Worth Fighting For", into a subtitle.

Serenity's going to be called: "Serenity - A Luta pelo Amanhã".

Which means, "Serenity - The Fight for Tomorrow".
It sounds a little bit too much, like the X-Files movie, but it's sellable.

Got my Serenity #1 and #2 last weekend, great read can't wait for the conclusion. I'm actually looking forward for AXM#12, I also read #11 last weekend, and didn't felt as being as weak as some reviews tryed to point.
So when do you think dark horse will announce a new mini-series or regular series ?......My guess is it will launch early next year when the dvd comes out. Hey, a man can dream.
Finally, I have been anticipating this issue since last I first saw the cover months ago.
Just finished it and wow, it finished with a bang especially if you have a little background knowledge of the X-men and their personalities beyond Joss's run of Astonishing.
Picked up all mine today, and my action figures tomorrow! They just came in and the shop has one left.

There were new copies of Issue #1 today, and I was kind of confused as nothing distinguished this printing from the first round. I kind of thought that was the whole point as far as comic value goes, so does anyone know what gives? Still semi-new to comics here.

A little OT but related:
As for Runaways, Joss' new pet, I'm loving it. It has the feel of Buffy seasons 1-3. I didn't really get into it until I got the bound edition of the first series. It reads quickly. However, the characters are young and I have no doubt they will age and the stories will get far more complex. It's so obvious the writer is a huge Whedon fan. There are two obvious Whedon shout-outs in the first series (as well as many other cool references/allusions for the older readers), and two other very subtle but probably not coincidental ones. Not to stray too far OT, but if you have a fondness for early Buffy, you'd probably enjoy the first series bound edition quite a bit. Of course it's a cast of young superheroes/friends coming into their powers, but they're much like the early Scoobies and several characters are original enough to stand on their own. Especially THE WITCH. She's awesome and my current favorite new girl-hero outside the Whedonverse. I stress: Mucho originality and creativity in the work.

In other related comic news: As I said on the other comic thread: And oh! In the back of Angel #3 there is a half page about Shadowplay, the new comic coming out in October partially written by Amber Benson, and in a little paragraph she gives a bit of commentary. It's a two-in-one vamp comic and sounds pretty cool. I've got it on order already.

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Great issue - even better than the conclusion to Gifted. The first issue of the Danger arc was really good too - it was just the four in between that weren't that hot.

I have a question though...I don't really know anything about the X-men's history...can someone explain the last page of the issue to me?
I love Joss (own all of the Buffy, Angel & Firefly DVDs, and can't wait for Serenity), and I've bought each issue of AXM thinking great things, but this comic was APPALLINGLY AWFUL. There were at least three things written completely out of character, and the denounment of the fight sequence takes place off-panel, for crying out loud. Plus, a revival of the (SPOILER VILLAIN) for the next arc is perhaps the absolute worst idea Joss has ever had, particularly given the apparent (SPOILER EFFECT) it's going to have one of the lead characters. I'm disappointed and angry; Joss now appears to be trying to undo everything that Grant Morrison did to the book and take it straight back to Chris Claremont's worst days.

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