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August 31 2005

(SPOILER) A Joss-penned episode of Veronica Mars? Rob Thomas shares his feelings on the possibility in this week's Ask Ausiello column.

Possible spoilers for other shows.


...I'm sorry. I think my excitement just made something in my brain burst.

I should probably go read that column now... And restrain my excitement until it's an actual announcement.

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Be still, my heart. *flutter*

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Oh.My.God. Yes, please. I just watched the entire first season of VM over a period of three days last week, and I'm now watching it again with my husband. Following just about every episode one of us says, "Joss should write an episode of this." Joss? *poke* *nudge*
Ok, kewl. This will be great if it actually happens.

And the Spike movie affirmation is even better news. Great info, Melisande.
Pleasepleaseplease let this happen. Joss? When you have a spare minute or two ... ?
Eeeep! I saw the headline and nearly fainted. A girl can only handle so much squee.

Oh, dear God please. I never ask for anything. Please give me a Joss-penned Veronica Mars. Please please please. I'll never ask for another thing again. Well, maybe I'll ask for more Joss TV but how can you blame me?

Oh please please!

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That's the first thing I thought of when I read that Joss was a VM fan. I know busy he is these days, but this would be such a treat for VM fans - just think about the publicity it would gather for the show!
Oh, this is so great! Joss loves Veronica Mars and Rob Thomas wouldn't mind at all to see Joss penn an episode. Come on, this needs to happen, it has to! I mean, it's not yet a reality even and it's already the thing after Serenity that I look forward to the most. Come on Joss, I know it's Wonder Woman writing time for you but it's only one episode here, that's like a week or two of writing time. Please?!!
I don't want to be a buzzkill but how is it we know the ball is rolling on a Spike movie?
Tim Minear said he'd be willing to do it when Joss asked him, the network wants it, James wants it, we want it... I don't actually see why it wouldn't happen.
Joss' ringing endorsment of Ms. Mars made me break down and finally watch the show. I got hooked, bad. I ended up downloading the whole season and watching it over a span of 4 days like Samantha. When they said it was the "new Buffy" they weren't lying. VM has witty quips and the spunky blonde as well as a great ensemble cast. I think I'll up the ante, not only should Joss WRITE an ep of Veronica Mars, I think he should take some time to cool down and DIRECT it too before he gets too busy in Wonder Woman. Busy Hollywood types can work on the show. Look at Kevin Smith, he shot a cameo for the 2nd ep as a convienence store clerk. Maybe once "How I Met Your Mother" gets cancelled he can write a ep that features both Trina Echols (Aly) and Kendall Casablancas (Charisma). Throw Amy Acker, J. August, Emma, Nathan or Jewel in as a guest star(s) and we could have a Whedonverse reunion themed Veronica Mars.

That may just be my wishful thinking, but it would rock, no?

"Annoy tiny blonde one, annoy like the wind!"
Djungelurban makes me chortle.
I too have watched all of Season 1 of Veronica Mars over the last couple of days. I like the stories a lot (motd as well as the big story arc), and I really like Veronica herself, so I kept watching, but the rest of the cast does absolutely nothing for me. Weevil is kind of cool, but I had problems keeping Troy, Duncan and Logan apart well into the final few episodes. Whether their characters aren't fleshed out properly or the actors are bland or miscast, I'm not sure. I just don't care about any of 'em. Same goes for Wallace, Deputy Leo and all the adults on the show, except Harry HAM-lin, who was entertaining.

But anyway, yeah, a Joss-penned episode would be groovy... but I'd really like it if he had a hand in casting this show.
Woohoo, this is 1 of the best headlines I've ever read here (though obviously if the question mark was removed it'd be a whole lot more shiny). VM is along with BSG my current favourite show and I think Joss' involvement would let it overtake and take the no. 1 slot all on it's own.
Oh, I would love to be a fly on the wall of a room where Joss and Rob are breaking out a VM story. Can you imagine the tales these two could spin up? It would be awesome if this happens.
Chortle... ehhh... is that good? I'm gonna assume it's good... right?
I Like Veronica, Veronica's Dad and Wallace, to me these three characters are the core of the show and why the show works for me. Of course Kristen Bell is an extraordinary actress and without a doubt the single strongest reason for watching the show. She did a guess role on Deadwood and just about stole the show, anyone that can walk on to Deadwood and steel the show deserves an Emmy in my book. She also blew Val Kilmer off screen in Spartan. Fantastic Actress!

Sarah Michelle Who? he he he.
If he did write an episode, wouldn't that be the ultimate fanfic?
Chortle... ehhh... is that good? I'm gonna assume it's good... right?

"And, has thou slain the Jabberwock?
Come to my arms, my beamish boy!
O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay!'
He chortled in his joy.
Lewis Carroll, "Jabberwocky"

Yeah, it's good.

I would love for Joss to write for Kendall Calabasas (Charisma Carpenter's character), who's supposed to be like grown-up Cordelia if she'd never evolved. I can't see this really happening but it's fun to think about.
It would indeed, Simon.

Joss walks by Kristen. "Gay now."
Kristen: "Hun?"
Rob: "Joss, stop that!"
Joss: "Just kidding. But I really must kill off one of your main cast. What about Wallace?"
Rob: "Joss!"
death and mayhen. It wouldn't be Joss without death and mayhen. There'd be humour too.
It would be fun seeing Joss and Rob collaborating in a sweeps episode, or in end of the season episodes.
Neptune Site has released screencaps for the new season premiere promo, they're pretty cool.

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Well if it was going to happen, it'd probably be the latter half of season 2 or even season 3 (assuming the show doesn't go the way of Joan of Arcadia).
Madhatter -LOL! It would have to be Wallace -he is one of the best of the cast. I have to agree that most of the others don't do much for me. I do like her father though. We are still catching up on Season One in Canada which is especially difficult when they started showing it twice a week without telling anyone. Argh!
Let me first point out that I couldn't be more elated that Joss' endorsement of "Veronica" is bringing so many new people to the show. But I must say that I am shocked that so many Whedon fans (connoisseurs of quality television that they are) hadn't yet jumped on the "Veronica" wagon until Whedon himself offered up props to the show. It really is a brilliant series, and I thought the word was out long before Joss found the time to check out the show and come on board.

As for Joss himself writing an episode -- yeah, that would rule come season four. (Hopefully, ratings will climb and the show will get there.) Honestly, though, I wouldn't want it yet. "Veronica" is Rob Thomas' baby, and I'm sure he and his writers have plenty of their own stories to tell.
As with the Spike movie, I'll get excited when there's ink (or blood) drying on a contract. It's fun to speculate, but gotta keep that separate from stuff that's really gonna happen.

For now, VM is on my wait-list. Waiting until I get a job....
Thanks for the screencaps, Numfar PTB. I'm pleased that Kristen is growing her hair out, a good new look for her.

I really wished they left the show on Tuesday nights instead of moving it to Wednesday. True, it's following UPN's highest rated show "America's Next Top Model", but I fear 'Lost' will draw most of the audience away from VM. Hope I'm wrong here.
... the ball is finally rolling

It's moving in slow motion, but I it is moving. I'm still waiting for it to move to people actually signing contracts. However, I am hopeful.
Am I the only one that thinks Matchbox Twenty every time you guys post about Rob Thomas?

I'm so clueless.
No, numbereleven, you're not the only one. I don't watch VM, so that's my first reaction too. "OH, that guy from Matchbox 20 writes tv too?"
Well Joss certainly has great enthusiasm for the show, and Rob Thomas appreciates Joss and is open to the idea, I think it could definitely happen. I'm still waiting to see Veronica Mars here in the UK but with Alyson Hannigan and Charisma Carpenter appearing and the praise from Joss, I will definitely be checking it out.
haha, Rogue and numbereleven I thought the same thing untill a few days ago...

This would be incredible. I mean, I've only see a few episodes of VM, but anything thing from Joss I know I would adore.
I think the second season is going to have higher ratings than the first. UPN had CBS air a bunch of episodes which made UPN's reruns increase in ratings. The trailers do a good job of describing what the show is about and the network seems to be very proud of the show (Fox should take lessons from these people).

A lot of people have been checking out this show over the summer and loving it. Joss' own recommendation has created new fans too. I hope this show survives. I think it can. Joss should help out by writing/directing a sweeps episode. I'd love to see how much higher the ratings for a Joss-penned VM episode would be.

But mostly I'd love to see Joss' take on these characters. And to hear "Lurk much?" come out of Veronica's mouth. Hee. The VM dialogue is not that far removed from Buffy.
But I must say that I am shocked that so many Whedon fans (connoisseurs of quality television that they are) hadn't yet jumped on the "Veronica" wagon until Whedon himself offered up props to the show

But isn't that the way of things? I don't have time to read every highly-rated book that comes my way, for example, but if my favorite trusted clerk in my local bookstore, who knows me and knows what I like, tells me to check out this one 'cos you'll really like it, I'm going to check it out. Likewise, I haven't seen Veronica Mars on account of the current severe lack of TV reception in my house, and wasn't particularly encouraged by direct comparisons to BtVS, but when Joss came on and did his "I'm not worthy" spiel, well, that's gotta have some impact, right? And that's what he was aiming for, right?

For me, at least, it's hard to commit time and emotion in a new show that may or may not last very long. The only TV thing I would die for right now - well, not die for; possibly scratch for, - is Deadwood. (Oh, and Kristen Bell was terrific in her 2-episode cameo. Although rumors of SMG's demise may be premature . . . ;) Thanks to JW, VM may join it. Isn't that what Veronica fans want? Or is this a "I was there when it started; I saw the band play in front of three men and a dog" thing?
but the rest of the cast does absolutely nothing for me. Weevil is kind of cool, but I had problems keeping Troy, Duncan and Logan apart well into the final few episodes. Whether their characters aren't fleshed out properly or the actors are bland or miscast, I'm not sure. I just don't care about any of 'em.

Before I dug into the whole season I had caught a few episodes out of order and couldn't differentiate between Duncan and Logan. After watching the whole thing though, I am completely in love with Logan and the actor who plays him.
I hope you do check out the VM, SNT. It's worth your time. As for the SMG thing, I was thinking from the beginning that if Kristen Bell had been the right age at the time, she could have been Buffy. Granted, she would be a slightly different Buffy, but she could have played the role. Of course, SMG did a fantastic job with that performance.

Now Kristen Bell is playing a character with a lot of parallels to Buffy. When we meet her, Veronica is like the "When She Was Bad" Buffy, with a little less bitca, a little more heart, and with an entire year of coming to terms. I can't imagine anyone watching the first eight episodes and not NEEDING to see the rest. Veronica is the show that, after the Jossverse left the air, made me fall in love with TV all over again. That's no small feat.
I have to agree that most of the others don't do much for me.

But... but guys? What about Logan?? He is turning out to be an interesting character. (I should note that I'm watching the reruns on UPN this summer, as I missed VM the first time around. So I don't know what happens after the point they're up to in said reruns. I suppose he could get less interesting. Though I can't really picture it.)

I fear 'Lost' will draw most of the audience away from VM. Hope I'm wrong here

That's a big honkin' fear for me too. I love Lost, but I'm terribly nervous it will help kill VM.

This conflict and many others has inspired me to trade in my HBO/Showtime "On Demand" service for a DVR from the cable company.
I love Logan too, Joss' bitch. I had the same problem trying to tell Logan, Troy and Duncan apart during the first few episodes, but by the end the characters were fleshed out enough that I could recognize them. I like the acting of all of the supporting cast. Especially Jason Dohring (Logan).
I'm only about halfway through the season (missing a few episiodes because they're not rerunning all of them, which also has me feeling a bit out of the loop on the story arc). My feeling is that this is just the extremely rare case where the lead character is also the most interesting character. And Kristin Bell is just an amazing actress. Coincidentally, just saw her two-episode "Deadwood" appearance she did damn near steal the thing -- no small achievement with that group! That girl has levels to her...
SNT --

I was there when the band played in front of the three men and the dog, and let me tell you -- the band, not so good. The dog was freakin' fantastic though. Practically stole the whole show.

Seriously, nah, it's not that. Believe you me, I want as many people to watch and love "Veronica Mars" as humanly possible so it can air forever and ever. I just was a bit surprised to read that so many people on here hadn't given it a shot until Joss' shout-out, especially considering how much it's been favorably compared to "Buffy."

Oh, and Bell rocked on "Deadwood." But, come to think of it, everyone rocks on "Deadwood." Did you all see Brian Cox is joining the cast for season three? Just what that show needs -- even more brilliant thespians.
bobtaylor, Buffy fans generally resented the comparison. I say, judge a show on its own merits. I always try to keep an open mind about new TV shows. I know that the next great show can come along at any time and I don't want to miss out on the fun. VM is that show.
I've loved VM since the beginning and am thrilled that it's now getting so much attention from the Whedonverse. Hopefully, this will translate into better ratings and a more secure position for the show. I do have to admit though that the idea of Joss Whedon writing an episode makes me a little anxious; Rob Thomas and he have a different style of storytelling and I wouldn't want the show's tone to change in order to accommodate a famous guest-writer.

PS I'm kind of miffed that nobody noticed my note to Ausiello though, mentioning Serenity's premiere and a bit embarrassed that I'm so childish. :-)
Don't feel bad, Anne13. My Serenity plug got edited out.
True, I've never understood why BtVS was compared to VM. They're based on simliar themes, but the story is completely different. I suspect it may be because they're strong blonds fighting what they believe is right. At least, that's was the by-line the networks picked up on. We know better.

bobtaylor, I'm also thrilled that Brain Cox will be joining the 'Deadwood' cast next season. This cast just gets better all the time. Here's my take: Al will take a strong liking for his plays and will try to get into his business. But, I've a feeling the character will not be an easy mark. Again, I'm so happy to see Brain Cox fill this role, he's such a wonderful actor. This is going to be good.

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I noticed your Serenity plug, Anne. I wished he'd responded with more acknowledgment of how great the film will be, but i was glad he left your comment in there....
PS I'm kind of miffed that nobody noticed my note to Ausiello though, mentioning Serenity's premiere and a bit embarrassed that I'm so childish. :-)

That was you? Very cool. Ausiello's column gets a lot of readers.
Aha, we apologize, Anne13. We didn't catch that. Excellent question to Ausiello :)
Nice work, Anne13! I noticed!

Thanks, SNT for your comments. Honestly, I tried watching VM because of all of the praise for it from posters here, and the little bits of the 2 eps I saw didn't draw me in enough to watch it. But since, I have been persuaded by friends with much better taste than I, to give it a shot. Joss' endorsement just reinforced that. Now I am just waiting for the DVD to come out so I can netflix the first season!
I think electricspacegirl must be right about many "Buffy" fans resenting the comparison, but I can't figure out why in the world that is. Are they personally offended if another show is perceived as somehow encroaching on "Buffy" territory? That seems absurd to me.

I also don't find it much of a stretch to say the two shows have similar qualities, and not just because it's a cute blonde girl fighting injustice. Both "Veronica" and "Buffy" took one classic genre (the pulp mystery/horror) and transfered it to a high-school setting. Each has its own brand of specialized dialogue that would sound just wrong on any other show but seems perfectly natural coming out of these characters' mouths. Each centers its protagonist amongst a diverse and sometimes morally-questionable supporting cast, which includes a key father figure along with a group of "Scooby"-esque teens. Each is funny as hell, despite the often gloom 'n' doom storylines. (Sometimes right in the middle of the gloom 'n' doom.)

Is "Veronica" a carbon-copy of "Buffy"? Certainly not. But can you draw similarities between the two without straining the brain too much? Sure you can. And I'm not sure why some people are bothered by that.
I think people are bothered that a show dares to claim that it can take Buffy's place, or that it's as good as Buffy. "Nothing ever can be as good as Buffy!" The thing is, Rob Thomas never said his show is The New Buffy. It was critics and then some of the fans. They're just seeing similarities.

For me, this show isn't "The New Buffy". It's the first time I've ever felt the same kind of magic in a TV show since Buffy (and the Whedonverse). It's the first time since Angel left the air that the stories and characters and plots stay with me after it's over.

Lost and Deadwood are two shows I began watching within the last year. I like them and like to talk about them but when I'm done watching I don't think about them much. The characters don't live on inside me and become real to me like the characters on Buffy did.

Veronica Mars does that to me. It's not the same level of infatuation as with Buffy because it hasn't had enough time to get there. The mysteries in VM are epic - on a level that I can feel and taste. VM is a taste I can't get out of my mouth and I don't want to.

I want more shows that affect me that way. Buffy is gone. The Buffyverse may come back someday but until then I'm searching for the next sweet TV addiction. No show IMO measures up to Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, but VM comes pretty damn close. I can never replace my first love, but I certainly want to fall in love again, and that's what I have done. I am now Veronica's bitch...and I'm woman geeky enough to admit it.

[ edited by electricspacegirl on 2005-08-31 23:19 ]
electricspacegirl is a very, very smart woman. Good writer, too.
You pose good questions, bobtaylor. Speaking only for myself, I don't resent general comparisons between the shows at all. Many of those comparisons were made by people who seemed to be huge fans of Joss's work, and so had to be taken seriously. And I certainly don't mind surface similarities such as the high-school setting, or the hero's hair color . . . However, there were a few extremely irksome "this show is way better than Buffy" or "Kristen Bell acts spots off Sarah Michelle Gellar" type comments. Since they didn't come from the creator, they shouldn't bother me, and yet. . .

So, why haven't I watched VM? Probably it's just a combination of falling out of the TV-watching habit, a slight niggle about some of those comments, the fact that a few members here whose opinions I respect had a less than glowing take on the show, and general other life stuff happening, all of which added up to "I'll probably check it out on DVD one day."

I miss that dog though. Of course, it totally sold out, playing those arenas and stadia. I tell ya . . .
Rob Thomas did kind of say he wanted his show to be the new Buffy. I remember what first caught my interest in VM was when Thomas was quoted in Entertainment Weekly's TV preview as saying he hopes that Veronica Mars could be to UPN as Buffy was to the WB.

That being said, I don't think Veronica Mars is better than Buffy, at least Buffy in its prime, but it is, currently, probably my favorite hour-long show on TV...and I would love to see Joss write an episode.
I've been peddlin' VM to anyone who'll listen. I do so by comparing it to Buffy. With me, the comparison is all about the dialogue. The wit, humor, sarcasm, banter... all delivered by great actors with impeccable delivery.

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