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August 31 2005

(SPOILER) Film starring Boreanaz and Dhavernas debuts at Toronto. These Girls summarized as a sex farce for the 21st century, makes its world debut Sept. 10 at Toronto International Film Festival.

The programmer writes:

"Based on Vivienne Laxdalís witty play, [Canadian director] John Hazlettís These Girls updates sex farce for the twenty-first century. Randy young heirs have been replaced by bored, sexually avaricious teenaged girls determined to spend their post-graduation summer on something more interesting than saving for college. And itís clear from the outset that theyíre a lot sharper than their male quarry. (Think Britney Spears meets Restoration Comedy.) "

Well, now. Anyway, I just may book this film. Uh, huh.

I really want to see this. It sounds hilarious. Plus, Dhavernas is in it. She's awesome. And I think David will be funny as hell. Hopefully this movie will show up in the U.S. and I can find out.
ESG, et al, here are stills of the cast

Ahem, guys, you may want to cast your eyes over the, uh, action.
I want to see this so bad!!
I worship the Dhavernas.
And one of the characters is named "Glory" too. How funny. I love Dhavernas. I'm excited to see this.
I believe I had read that DB will be in town for this? I may have to head downtown for this one!
omg! Jaye and Angel... how incredibly cute. Any info on the actual festival? I live pretty close, and I never know how these things work. I'd love to go.
I believe I had read that DB will be in town for this? I may have to head downtown for this one!

I didn't see his name in the official list of actor attendees but we can hope I guess.

For info on the Festival go to TIFF
Grrr... this was filmed about a half hour from my house... and I had no idea! I found out a few weeks ago that a friend-of-a-friend was on the crew and introduced my friend to David and Caroline. A friend who isn't a fan of 'Angel' or 'Wonderfalls'! Does that seem right to you?
No, adam_tvs, that is very, very wrong. Discontinue contact with this alleged friend unless s/he can get you an entree into the bright happy world of showbiz. Or changes his/her tune about the shows.

I have a similar story - one of my current work colleagues was telling the latest of a number of anecdotes about one of his best mates, who "was in a few things on TV." I discovered recently this mate is George Hertzberg (Adam). 'Course, my colleague has never seen BtVS. To his credit, however, he accepted my loan offer of BtVS S4 (mostly, I think, to poke fun at George, but whatever works . . .)
numbereleven, if you only want to buy a ticket to that film, you'll have to wait until Sept. 7 when the box office opens to the general public, which is to say, after film fans (who bought passes and coupons) have had their fill. There's NO guarantee but the fest always holds back a limited number of tickets for single purchase or rush sales. But in the meantime you also risk finding out These Girls is a hot ticket and will have a minuscule chance of getting a ticket so late in the game. Yes, it's a tough world.

BTW, if you want to taste the fest, go to the tickets page and you may want to buy a package now, so then you can make sure you get into this one. This film will very likely go into general release anyway.

--A TIFF veteran.
Drifter do you really think it will go to general release? That means I can buy it at a store right? Oh I hope so much that happens!
SNT, I'll bet that your friend will watch some of the episode and make fun of it, and then put in Hush and get hooked. Then he'll be begging you for season 5. Or season 1. It could go either way.

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charisma The festival has at least two purposes: a) expose the public to previously unreleased films to develop buzz and b) catch distributors' attention on the trade side of the fest.

At TIFF, there are two completely separate festivals (public and critic/industry) going on in parallel (with completely separate screening skeds) These Girls will be trying to get a distribution deal, which it will almost certainly get in Canada because it has been funded by some federal money, which the agency will try to get back through sales. As for other countries, distribution reps are here in force.

It may take six to 18 months to come to a cinema near you (sooner if the film's a really hot commmodity, with bidding wars). Sorry, but those are the numbers.

Anyway, I booked this film (and 16 others) today! Hope to be able to report on it here at the Big W in about 10 days.

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