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August 31 2005

Spike: Old Times Sells Out. The comic has sold out both from Diamond and the publisher (their initial order plus everything they'd overprinted for reorders.) No news on whether it will go back to press.

I hope it does and MAYBE "my" comicstore gan get me a copy...
That didn't take too long! Just one more message to the PTB that Buffyverse stuff sells. Hopefully this will be taken to heart...
I was kinda sad about some of the harsh criticism. So it's not canon but... it's sooooooooo much better than the current Angel. Readers know it's not canon and they are never up to par, so what's the need? I've flipped through old Buffy comics and put them straight back on the shelf (except for Tales of the Slayers and Vampires of course). The Spike comic is really pretty good despite its flaws and the covers are AWESOME.

Put it this way: I'm not even going to comment on the third Angel because there just isn't anything in it worthy of commentary. A couple of the covers are better than anything in between and that's about it. But oh! In the back of Angel #3 there is a half page about Shadowplay, the new comic coming out in October partially written by Amber Benson. It's a two-in-one vamp comic and sounds pretty cool. I've got it on order already.
I completely agree April, wasn't impressed with Angel #3, seemed "mostly filler", the same problem that #1 had. However I thought PAD's Spike One-shot was excellent. I also noticed the Amber Benson/Shadowplay stuff and will definitely be checking it out.

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