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February 04 2003

"I just want to work" says Firefly actor. Nathan Fillion (Captain Reynolds) has signed a six figure talent holding deal with NBC.

The deal calls for him to star in either a drama or comedy project for the network.

Bittersweet. I'm happy for him, but I want Firefly.
I'm happy for him too, and I'll probably watch the show to see him,
but this really does spell the end for Firefly I guess. *sniff*
Good for Nathan, even though I am sorry to see Firefly heading off into the sunset for good. He'll always be the capt'n to me. And not in the bad, typecast way. I mean it in, you know, the good way.
Well, it doesn't necessarily mean The End Forever and Ever; this doesn't preclude them from putting together a movie, or perhaps a mini-series after the contract is up.

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