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August 31 2005

Spider-man, Spider-man, Does Whatever Joss Whedon Can? It might be on comic book artist extraordinaire Bryan Hitch's ultimate wishlist but as he tells Newsarama "[I'd] do something on Spidey if I can persuade Joss Whedon to write a book he was born to write."

It could be that this is one of the very tentative projects with Joss that Bryan was referring to back in February.

Spider-man is my very favorite comic book character. To have Joss do this book would be exceptionally awesome.

So seriously, what is today? Like Whedon-fandom fantasy-come-true day?
Everybody wants a piece of the Jossman. Who can blame them? I can't imagine Joss would say no to writing Spider-man. Wow, I bet he never imagined when he was a kid that he'd be writing comic books and a Wonder Woman movie.

I love the headline, Simon. Now I have that song stuck in my head.

So seriously, what is today? Like Whedon-fandom fantasy-come-true day?

I wish Joss would invite me over for Shakespeare Sundays and dinner. I wish Joss would read some of my writing and offer me a job on his next TV show. I wish Alexis Denisof would fall in love with me.

I'll wait by the phone and get back to you on that one, ringworm.

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Ooh, ooh, me, me!

Make the Pirates of the Caribbean TV series!
I wish Whedon would abandon Wonder Woman.

Ramos is my favorite Spidey illustrator. With them together, that'd be the ideal book.
I'm actually gleeful over Whedon doing Wondy. He's, like, the only person who can do her justice.

Not really much for Spidey, but if Whedon were to write it, I don't see why I wouldn't pick it up. I'm gonna start reading PAD's Spidey series in any case!!
The only Spider-man title I read these days is Ultimate Spidey (wasn't the Annual just lovely?), if Joss was writing the 616 Spidey I'd buy it for sure.
If it was Spider Man
Joss would make me do something that no one has been able to make me do before, which is make me read a Spider Man Book regularly.

My personal wish is to see Joss working with DC Comics characters, but hey that's a fan boy dream for me.
Simon I loved the annual of Ult Spider-man too. I'm in the same boat as you. I've only read Ultimate Spider-man, I can't read a comic with decades of back story and enjoy it, I tried to read it from the beginning and just couldn't get into the hokey writing of the early books.

Spoilers for the annual.

Odysseus, that idea is seriously classic!!!

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