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August 31 2005

Time Out Edinburgh Fest Round-up Serenity Mention. Time Out likens Serenity to "Howard Hawks in space"

I like this. Especially since the other Time Out mention was lukewarm at best.

This is very, very positive - "splendid directorial debut?" Love it.
Also cool to see that I'm not the only person on the planet to note the Joss/Howard Hawks connection, not only to Firefly/Serenity but even going back to Buffy/Angel. Wit under pressure. And I salivate over the events with genius editor Thelma Schoonmaker and super-genius production designer Ken Adam and the shout-outs to Michael Powell, a true great among filmmakers, who definitely was in the same league as Hawks, Ford, Hitchcock, etc., but who is far too little known in the U.S.
I have also thought Mal and Inara have a very Hawks-ian relationship. Witty sparring where no one ever says their true feelings.

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